Where is the Blue Mosque located?

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Blue Mosque

It is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, and it is located in Turkey in the Istanbul Turkish region, where this mosque is located in Sultanahmet Square, and is located in the heart of the Hagia Sophia Museum. The Blue Mosque is famous for its distinguished architecture, and it is the largest and most important Islamic mosque in the world. The Blue Mosque was built in the year 1617 AD, (1018-1020 AH), and the history of the building was known through the inscriptions on one of its doors, which was engineered “Muhammad” Aga ”, which is one of the most famous ancient Turkish architects, in addition to“ David Agha ”and“ Sinan Pasha ”. The Blue Mosque is located on the south side of the “Hagia Sophia Museum”, and east of the Byzantine Race Square in the past. The mosque has a high wall surrounding it on three sides, and the wall has five doors: three of the doors lead to the courtyard of the mosque, and two doors open at the prayer hall.

The courtyard of the mosque consists of a large courtyard, and in the center of the courtyard is a hexagonal illuminated form, carried on six columns. The largest sections of the wall of the mosque are embroidered with Persian art, and the mosque from the inside has a rectangular shape that extends in a linear manner, the length of its sides is about (64 meters and 72 meters), and in the center of the mosque there is a large dome, this dome is surrounded by four halves of the domes, and in each corner of the mosque there are domes Small, and there are many windows that shine light into it.

Six minarets are surmounted by the mosque, and the builders of this mosque encountered many difficulties to accomplish these minarets; the Grand Mosque has six minarets, and Sultan Ahmed met with great criticism of the Arab travelers six minarets, but Sultan Ahmed overcame these criticisms by financing the construction of the seventh minaret at his expense in The Sacred Mosque, so that the Blue Mosque is the only mosque in Turkey that has six minarets, and it is said that Sultan Ahmed was before going to Hajj he ordered his Prime Minister to build a golden minaret for the mosque (the word for gold in the Turkish language is “Altin”), even though that The demand is almost impossible to meet Sadia, as the Prime Minister of Sultan Ahmed pretended that he had heard the word by mistake as “Alti”, which means Turkish language number six.

The Blue Mosque is considered one of the most famous and important tourist attractions in Istanbul, to which visitors come from everywhere in the world, due to its brilliant architecture and engineering, and the Blue Mosque is characterized by witnessing a great activity of its worshipers during all the prayers and Friday prayers, in addition to Tarawih prayers in The month of Ramadan, and thus the Blue Mosque is the only mosque that contains six minarets in Istanbul and Turkey.


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