Where is the body of Pharaoh

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The location of the body of Pharaoh

The Pharaonic civilization is one of the greatest civilizations. The world was astounded by its greatness and its ability to survive throughout this period. The king was at the time of the Pharaohs called the Pharaoh.

The story of the death of Pharaoh Ramses II

God sent his prophet Moses, peace be upon him, to the children of Israel to guide them to the religion of monotheism and faith, and the children of Israel lived in Egypt, because they were subjected to the worst treatment by Pharaoh and his entourage, so he killed their children and used their women as slaves, and he did not believe in the message of our master Moses, peace be upon him, so the Prophet asked Moses from him To allow him and his people to leave Egypt and go to another land.

Pharaoh refused the request of our master Moses, arrogance and domination, which forced Musa, peace be upon him, to go out with his people, hidden from the eyes of Pharaoh and his soldiers, so Pharaoh knew about this and joined them at the head of an army, and approached to catch up with them, so the people feared the oppression of Pharaoh, but Moses reassured them and told them that God is with us. When they reached the edge of the sea, the sea split up, so they collapsed at the command of God, and Moses and his people passed them and the accompanying animals and cattle, and Pharaoh and his army had realized them, and they entered the sea. When they were in the midst of the water, God Almighty and the sea ordered them to return to their first state. In them the great Pharaoh.

After the seawater threw the corpses of those who drowned from the Pharaohs, members of the survivors of the Pharaoh’s army carried the body of Pharaoh to the palace and after the body was embalmed it was carried to the cemetery of the Valley of the Kings in Thebes, followed by priests, ministers and senior entourage, where Pharaoh had prepared his grave before his death, Because the Pharaohs believed in the Day of Resurrection, they used to place with the deceased all his belongings and possessions of jewelry and gold, as the tomb consisted of several rooms decorated with funerary walls and prayers for the deceased.

The common people of Egypt knew that he buried with the deceased among the kings large treasures of gold, silver and precious jewelry, so their graves became a target for thieves to steal these burials, so digging out the graves and searching for these burials became a profession for many people, and with the continued digging of graves, the priests of Amun agreed to preserve the bodies of Their kings and Ramses corpse in particular, they removed it from its place and buried it in his father’s grave with another group of the bodies of the previous pharaohs, and these bodies were transported again and buried in a cemetery located in Deir Al-Bahri and they filled the entrance door of the cemetery and lost the landmarks around it so that the thieves did not recognize them and named this cemetery In (Hebei Marine monastery).

The body of Pharaoh was sent to France at the request of French President Mitterrand to conduct studies on it by French scientists. After the study, scientists discovered the truth about his death by drowning, and the body was returned to Egypt and some say that the body remained in the Paris Museum, despite the injustice and servitude practiced by the Pharaohs, However, they were able to build an eternal civilization in Egypt, whose secrets still remain.


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