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Pharaoh Ramses the Great

Ramesses the Great or Ramesses the Second, or the great grandfather is one of the pharaohs who ruled Egypt between 1279 AD – 1213 BC. He was appointed crown prince at the age of fourteen years of age, and he is considered one of the most famous Pharaohs in the Egyptian Empire, and the reason is his strength, strength and influence, He carried out many military campaigns to the Levant, as he restored the Egyptian Empire’s control over the lands of Canaan, and in this article we will mention the location of his body, and some information about him.

Where is the body of Pharaoh

Pharaoh’s body is now in the Egyptian Museum, but in the early fifties his body was transferred from the square in the center of Cairo, to the pyramids area in the Giza Governorate, for examinations and restorations on it, and after its completion, it was transferred to the new Egyptian Museum.

Ramses campaigns and battles

Pharaoh Ramses II launched several campaigns to the Levant, and in the Battle of Kadesh his Egyptian forces, in cooperation with the forces of Moatales, participated in a battle for fifteen years, but none of them was able to defeat the other, and in the twenty-first year of his rule, Ramses signed a treaty with Commander Hatossels III, considered the oldest peace treaty in the history of mankind.

Ramses II launched several campaigns in the south of Nubia, as he founded the city of Bar Raissimo, which is located in the east of the delta, and some have said that he chose it as the capital of the country, but these rumors are false, as the capital of the country itself remained in the city of Thebes, and Ramses became famous for martial arts, as well He was smart and skilled at horse riding, fighting with swords and diving.

The story of Pharaoh’s death

The Holy Qur’an mentioned how Pharaoh died thousands of years ago, when he was a tyrant and a tyrant, and God Almighty sent the Prophet Moses to him and his people to be evidence of the oneness of God, but Pharaoh lied despite the proofs and miracles he presented to them, so Pharaoh decided to join the Prophet Moses and the children of Israel to the sea So, they reached a path blocked by deep water, and the Children of Israel thought that they would be destroyed by Pharaoh, but he struck his stick on the water, so he defected, and they went until they reached the other roads. As for Pharaoh, he tried to follow the same path of the Prophet Moses, so the waters surrounded him from all sides, so he died He and his followers drowned.

The problem of contemporary Pharaoh of the Prophet Moses

Western scholars believed that Ramses II was the same Pharaoh of Moses who contemporary the Prophet Moses, and they relied on the books of the Old Testament, and among these scholars are Albright, Asphalt, Roxy, Father Diego and Unger, but Egyptian scientists questioned this, and the reason is the result of detailed historical research, which She affirmed that he did not die by drowning, contrary to what western scientists tried to prove and promote by claiming the presence of water in his lungs. As for the French doctor Maurice Bocay, he said in his book The Bible, the Qur’an and Modern Science that Ramses II is the same as Pharaoh Musa, as he relied on the Torah and the Bible, which They confirmed the existence of Pharaohs in the era of the Prophet Y Moses, one who arranged it from a young age, and the other is the one who chased Moses and the children of Israel, which God sank in the Gulf of Suez.

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