Where is the Burj Al Arab located in Egypt?

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The city of Burj Al Arab

The opening of the city dates back to the month of November one thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight as an independent governorate at the hands of former President Hosni Mubarak, and the city has great importance.

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The city is located in the northern part of the African continent, specifically forty-five kilometers from the southwestern side of the center of the Egyptian city of Alexandria, and administratively follows the Alexandria Governorate since the twenty-second day of February of the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety AD, and on seven kilometers from the sea coast The Mediterranean is located in the northern part of the King Marriott Resort, and the city coordinates are between 30.8489 degrees to the north, and 29.61167 degrees to the east, and the city is divided into; A thousand feddans appointed, and more than two hundred thousand people live on it.

Borg El-Arab International Airport

The airport is located forty kilometers away from the southwestern part of Alexandria, and the airport serves the Alexandria governorate and the surrounding areas of the city, as it deals with more than a million and a half million passengers throughout the year, and the airport consists of the administration building, and the passenger terminal that is in the form of a boat, This station consists of three floors, namely:

  • Ground floor for baggage checks.
  • The second floor is for local and international expatriates, and it also contains administrative offices and airline offices.
  • The third floor is for exit at the local and international levels, and immigration procedures are in place.

The station contains four bridges connected with the aircraft, it also contains the duty-free shop, a dining hall, a dedicated area for travel offices, a watchtower, a fire station available to cover emergencies on site, and a parking area that accommodates three hundred and fifty cars.

There are many airlines that have private offices in the airport, such as Aegean Airlines, Benghazi African, Air Arabia (Sharjah), Air Arabia (Amman), Air Mayo, Egyptian International Airlines, Air Egypt, flydubai, flynas, air island, and lines Kuwait, Libya lines, Qatar lines, and Turkey lines.

Its most prominent features

  • Scientific Research and Technology Applications City.
  • Egyptian Japanese University of Science and Technology.
  • Smouha Club.
  • Petrosport Resort.
  • University Hospital.
  • Burj Al Arab Court.
  • Palace of Culture.
  • New Borg El Arab Youth Center.

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