Where is the Canary Islands located on the map?

المسافرون العرب

Canary Islands location on the map

The Canary Islands is a group located in the Atlantic Ocean opposite the northwestern coasts of the continent of Africa, belonging to the State of Spain, but it enjoys self-rule, the largest of these islands Canaria, Verteventura, Hero, Labama, Lanthar, Trinef and many small islands scattered across the ocean and some of them New and uninhabited, the capital of these islands is the city of Santruz, and it is called Happy Islands due to the beauty of its scenery and its enjoyment of autonomy that helped it build advanced economic activities.

These islands formed from volcanic origin, as volcanic melts solidified and formed these islands, and mountains formed with harsh hard rocks. During geological stages, marine sediments gathered over these land areas and formed a large number of islands scattered over the ocean.


The Romens and Greeks lived in these islands as Muslims arrived during the period of the Islamic conquests, previously called the Happy Islands, and the Arabs called them the Canaries.

These islands were discovered through the movement of geographical discoveries made by Christophercolombs during his trip to reach the world North America, and there are in these islands a museum containing the equipment used by Columbus in his trip, and these islands are affected by the sub-tropical climate with heavy rain in winter and moderate in summer, as affected by Coastal regions have marine influences, as the ocean coasts are affected by warm marine currents. At a time when the rest of the regions are cold in the winter, we find that their marine beaches are warm.

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All Canary Islands are tourist areas of the first degree, as the tourist notices the differences in temperature between one island and another, and also notes the difference in the general appearance and the prevailing vegetation, so it is considered as tourist areas visited by tourists from Europe during the winter to enjoy its warmth.

the culture

These islands dominate the Spanish culture in terms of the appearance of construction, language, and food. The people of these islands still preserve this heritage and take pride in it because it represents the history of their country, and speak the Spanish language, and the people of these islands worked in fishing and farming, especially on the island of Tenerife, where fruit trees are grown in particular Grapes and bananas. Tenerife Island has the highest mountain peaks in the Atlantic Ocean, Mount Ted.

Landmarks and population

The most important observational center for astronomy was established on one of the mountain peaks on La Palma Island. This center is considered one of the most important global astronomical centers due to the availability of a long range of visions, especially if the sky is clear of clouds.

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These islands inhabit about (220,000) people, on a total area of ​​7493 square kilometers. They are not distributed throughout the entire system on a regular basis. Some of the islands suffer from overcrowding and others with little population.

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