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Al-Marqab Castle

Al-Marqab Castle is characterized by a scenic view that stops everyone who saw it, due to its strong entrenchment like the mountains, the castle possesses Soran; the first is the interior, and the other is the outer one that contains fourteen defensive towers, and the castle consists of many installations and buildings in the interior of them, such as the Knights Hall, and the hall The monarchy, a church built in the second century, reservoirs, passages between walls, towers, and wall paintings of various colors such as the image of the Last Supper, the Apostle Paul, and the Apostle’s patriarch.

Her province

Tartous is one of the Syrian governorates that are located on the southern side of the western sea front in the Syrian country, and its shores extend from the Lebanese border towards the south to the Sin River, and Latakia in the north with a distance of ninety kilometers, and the city contains four islands, one of which is only inhabited by the population .

The total area of ​​the city reaches one thousand eight hundred and ninety square kilometers, and the city is famous for being the archeological sites, ancient castles, and for the beauty of its green nature, forests, and lakes; therefore it is one of the most important tourist areas in Syria, and it contains many tourist villages, summer resorts, hotels, and restaurants , And natural parks.

Her city

Baniyas is one of the coastal regions of the province of Tartous, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and it is one of the tourist areas visited annually by more than twenty thousand tourists, and one of the economic cities, because it receives many merchant ships in its port with the presence of many industrial establishments The mission is like an oil refinery and a power plant, and the total area of ​​the city reaches seven hundred and twenty square kilometers, and more than fifty thousand people live on it.

Its location

Al-Marqab Castle is located at a distance of five kilometers from the eastern side of the Baniyas region on the Syrian coast of the Syrian province of Tartous. The coordinates of the castle are between 35.151111 ° towards the south, and 35.949167 ° to the east, and it is bordered on the eastern side by the Lattakia mountains, and on the western side by the Mediterranean And it is considered one of the strategic areas, because it is surrounded by mountains, thick forests, and a large trench, and it was built on a hill with a height of seventy-three meters above sea level.

Its history

The construction of the castle dates back to the era of the Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid for the first time, and the process of rebuilding the castle was again in the hands of Rashid al-Din Ismaili, and given the importance of the castle at that time the Crusaders seized it during the year one thousand one hundred and seventeen AD, then it was taken over by the Spartans and Sultan Qalawun, and it is distinguished The castle is a large fortress, that is, it is difficult to occupy it, because it is difficult to reach because of its high altitude, as Salah Al-Din Al-Ayyubi and Al-Zahir Baybars were unable to enter the castle.

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