Where is the castle of Sirah?

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Sirah Castle

Sirah Castle is one of the military sites in the city of Aden located in Yemen, Sirah Castle was built in the eleventh century AD, and the Yemeni army is currently using the Sirah Castle, although the commercial center eventually moved to the other side of the Aden Peninsula, and despite also from The old harbor began to thrive, but the British continued to develop the castle after their arrival there in 1839.

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Sira Castle is located on the island of Sira, which is a long volcanic rocky island as it is located near the port of Aden in the Republic of Yemen, and many archaeological studies were conducted in the area of ​​Sira Castle, and based on the results of some studies, the history of the castle’s construction dates back to 1173 AD, where It was the Turkish ruler Osman Zangabili Al-Tikriti who built the Sirah Castle when he was the governor of Aden at the time, and the castle remained fixed despite the attacks carried out by the Portuguese and Turks against Aden, especially in 1517 AD.

The position of Sirah Castle

The Castle of Sira is one of the most prominent castles and forts found in the ancient and historical city of Aden. This castle played an important and defensive role in the life of Aden, as it was through the Castle of Sira that the defense fortifications on Mount Aden were formed, and through this castle many of the attacks and invasions that were Its aim is to control the region and it has become a symbol of steadfastness in the face of the numerous ambitions and invasions waged for its control, the last of which was the response by the people of Aden to defend their city by using their weapons that were described as modest weapons in the face of the British occupation in the nineteenth N January 1839.

The name of Sirah Castle

The island on which the castle of Sirah is located is also called the name of the island of Sira, where the researchers differed in the definition of the word sira, and there were three explanations for the meaning of the word Sira the first that the Portuguese colonists called it Sira, which means the mountain, while the second interpretation says that the Indians because of the existence of good commercial relations They called it the biography of Seet, and in that it refers to the legend of Ras el-Jinni Rawan, who inhabits the mountain range that extends from the mountain of turbidity, which is now called Jabal Hadid, as for the third interpretation is that the word Seira means in the Arabic language Sardines, small fish, or caves, a Cracks.

The importance of Sirah Castle

The main and main purpose and significance of building the Sirah Castle in the ancient port of Aden was purely military, in order to defend the city from the external ambitions that threaten it, and this is evidenced by the number of defenders and their spread in its multiple rooms, the presence of the ditches in it, most of which overlook the sea.


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