Where is the city of Abha located?

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Abha city

The city of Abha Saudi Arabia is the administrative headquarters and capital of the region called the Asir region, one of the regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia located in the southwestern side of it, this city is one of the important cities as it is the incubator of the headquarters of the emirate, and for many branches of different ministries in the Kingdom, the city of Abha is located on the Hijaz mountains, It is adjacent to the north-east and east with Khamis Mushayt Governorate, while from the northwest it is adjacent to Al Namas, while it is adjacent to the southwest and west with Hayil Governorate.

Her name

This city is one of the most important tourist cities in all of Saudi Arabia, as well as one of the most prominent resorts also, due to its mild climate, which is famous for it, in addition to its high level of sea level in a large way, and this is why she named her father in the name of the bride of the mountain, and the lady of fog, as for this name It was named for it because of its natural beauty that distinguished it from the rest of the cities. The city of Abha occupies a region very similar to the basin, where the mountains are surrounded by it from all sides, except from the northeastern and northern sides. This area is estimated at about five thousand hectares.

Its climate

The climate in Abha is harsh in the fall and winter months. It receives snow at the end of the fall season, and at the beginning of the winter season. As for rain, it falls almost daily in the spring, and on a weekly basis in the summer. As for the temperatures, it may reach twenty-five degrees Celsius. Almost in the summer, it may drop to six degrees below zero in the winter.

According to estimates of the year two thousand and fifteen, the population of this city has exceeded twenty four hundred thousand approximately, and this city is a young city when compared to the rest of the cities of Saudi Arabia, as the proportion of its young population out of the total population reaches approximately eighty seven.

Tourist attractions in it

The city of Abha includes many important tourist attractions that make it on the map of the tourist areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the abundance of archaeological castles such as Al Shamsan Castle, Abu Khayal Castle, and Al Dagal Castle, and this is also abundant with archaeological monuments led by the brightest museum, Al-Malha Palace, and Al-Muftah Village, The King Fahd Cultural Center, except for the presence of a number of popular markets in it, which enables the visitor to buy many beautiful souvenirs when visiting this city, and the city of Abha also contains a number of parks, including Abu Khayal Park, Al Soudah Park, and Jabal Al Akhdar Park, among others. From parks .


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