Where is the city of Al Khafji located?

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The city of Khafji

The city of Al Khafji is known as one of the governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and enjoys the largest underwater oil fields in the world, which made it a city of material wealth, as it was only fifty years ago that it is a region that shepherds intend, for the sake of pasture due to the abundance of water resources in it.


This city is located to the northeast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that is, on the borders of the State of Kuwait, and it is considered one of the coastal cities of the Kingdom, where it is bordered by the Arabian Gulf. The coast of this city is interspersed with flat beaches, but the rest of the places in it are in the form of flat plains, where we find them below the sea level in certain places, and the presence of sand dunes on its coasts is abundant.

Al-Khafji Governorate includes five main cities, which are the city of Al-Khafji, and also the city of Jug Sulfur, and there is the city of Ras Mashab, and the city of Al-Safaniya, and we also find a city of harmony, and an estimated population of seventy-six thousand people, and today their number exceeds this much.

the climate

The climate of this city is considered a desert climate, where the temperature is very high during the summer, as it reaches in the month of August to fifty degrees Celsius, but this temperature drops significantly during the winter season to reach below zero degrees two degrees, especially in desert places that It is originally exposed.

Usually, rainy fall occurs in this city, and the plains in it turn into a green carpet, which makes this region a suitable place for hiking, so visitors can come to it from inside or outside the kingdom, especially the neighboring countries.

This area is considered a pastoral region, but pastoral life has begun to shrink in it, due to overgrazing and which the region as a whole suffers from in recent years. It is mentioned that this city is rich in foxes, especially the Arab fox, and also the Arab rabbit, and is known in some seasons for the presence of the Habari bird.

Oil resources

The Khafji region is the richest place in the Gulf with oil, as it pumps daily more than three hundred thousand barrels of crude oil, and it is exported to several countries, and this city has an estimated reserves of sixty billion barrels of crude oil, in addition to its reserves of natural gas, which is estimated at five Twenty billion cubic meters.

It is noteworthy that most of the fields of Khafji oil field are submerged in water, and these fields are Safaniya field, which is the largest field in the world under water, and there is also the field of Khafji that is under water in addition to the whale field, as is the Durra field and the Lulu field. The most important petroleum companies in Al Khafji are the Saudi Aramco Company and the Aramco Gulf Business Company, and there is the Saudi Arabian Chevron Company.


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