Where is the city of Al-Kharj located?

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alkharag city

The city of Al-Kharj is one of the governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is located in the southeast of the Saudi capital, “Riyadh”. The population of the city is about (750) thousand people, and its area is about (19,790) square kilometers. Al-Seh city is considered the capital of Al-Kharj and its economic and administrative center.

The label

The word Al-Kharj in the language means the valley that has no outlet, but when we look at the map of the region, this does not apply to it, as all of its valleys are directed towards Rawdat Al-Sahba east to the sand of Al-Sahba, just as the exit means yield, that is, what comes out of the earth by the Almighty saying: “ Or you ask them out, so your Lord is good ”, and the abscess applies to the output, as it is one of the agricultural regions since ancient times, and its name in this name is old since the time of“ Gadis ”.

the climate

Al-Kharj region has a hot continental climate in the summer, dry and cold in the winter, and less rain, where the average temperatures during the winter are (18) the greatest and (5) the lowest, while in the summer the maximum temperature is (48) and (31) Al-Sughra.

Geographical nature

Al-Kharj region is famous for the eyes of the water, which are cavities in the ground, and many valleys are poured into it, including: Al-Sahba Valley, Wadi Al-Henniyah, and Wadi Hanifa, which distinguishes the eyes in it because its water is cold in summer and warm in winter, which makes it a great place for tourism Whether from inside or outside Saudi Arabia for its beautiful atmosphere.

Al-Kharj is known as a land of water that has gained its name from its geographical nature, which is characterized by the fertility of its soil, its fresh water, and the abundance of agricultural production in it. , And appointed Umm Kheisa, and appointed Farzan, and Ain Samha.

Roads and transportation

Al-Kharj is one of the important strategic locations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is a crossroads of highways that link many Saudi cities and some of its neighboring countries, so there is a highway that links the output to the capital Riyadh, which was created during the world 1980 AD, and another highway that passes from the exit and connects what Between the city of Asir located in the south with the Saudi capital and then to the Republic of Yemen, and a road linking the output to the eastern regions and other Gulf states such as Oman, the Emirates and the State of Qatar, as it connects these countries and the region of Asir and Yemen and between Al-Kharj and the Al-Ahsa region, as there is a railway h Penetrate into the hands of Al-Kharj to Riyadh and then to the eastern regions.


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