Where is the city of Al-Ula located?

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The city of Al-Ula

The city of Al-Ula is known as one of the cities located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically to the western side of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is administratively affiliated to the city of the enlightened city, where it is about three hundred kilometers away from the city, and Ruby al-Hamwi mentioned the city of Al-Ula, as he said that the Prophet May God bless him and grant him peace when he was heading to the Battle of Tabuk, and the area of ​​the city of Al-Ula is estimated to be twenty-nine thousand two hundred square kilometers, while its population is more than sixty-five thousand people.


This city is known since ancient times as worms, and this name may be due to the presence of a mosque known as the Al-Addam Mosque, but it later turned to the name of Al-Ula due to the presence of two fresh water spheres of fresh water, the first eye is known as Al-Muallaq, and the second eye is known as Tadal, and it is said that it is on The source of the commentator’s eye is high-rise palm trees, so he called the name of the Most High.

The city of Al-Ula is famous for many titles, as it is known as the bride of mountains, and also the capital of history and monuments, and these titles are due to the charming nature of the mountain, in addition to being elevated above sea level by more than seven hundred meters, in addition to the many archaeological sites found there, where it was found there It contains many statues and temples dating back to the year nine hundred BC, which was the era of the living.

City location

The city of Al-Ula mediates the mountainous hills located in the western part of the Arabian Peninsula, where we find mountains located in the east and west, to reach also to the south, and they are located in the valley with great fertility, and the city of Al-Ula is connected with most of the neighboring cities by agricultural lands, separating it From the enlightened city a distance of three hundred square kilometers, and from the city of Al-Wajh a distance of two hundred kilometers, and from the city of Tabuk, the distance between them is two hundred and fifty kilometers, and from the city of Hail the distance is four hundred kilometers, and the city of Khyber is two hundred kilometers away from it, Before Soft Jahra it away just about ninety kilometers.

The ruins of Al-Hijr are located directly to the north of the city of Al-Ula, where these relics are known as the cities of Saleh, and they date back in the history of the Nabataean civilization, and in their entirety are carved into the rock as the ancient Nabataeans usually. These monuments were recorded by UNESCO as one of the historical sites, and we find close to these monuments The old railway station, known as the Hijaz Line, which was built by the Ottomans in the past.

It is famous in this city for the cultivation of citrus fruits, in addition to palm trees, and the abundance of fruits, and this is due to the abundance of its underground water, and enjoys a continental climate, as we find it hot in the summer and cold in the winter.


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