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The city of Bahla is one of the interior governorates located in the Sultanate of Oman, and it is an oasis known since ancient times as Bahla, and it extends from Bahla from the southern section of the mountains to the west, to Azki, and in the west to Bahla Valley. As for the mountainous heights, it surrounds the oasis from all sides.

The importance of the Bahla site

There are many reefs in Bahla, and all of them end up in the valley where they flow into, which makes its unique location in that it is connected with all the regions that border it, especially because it is the closest to the Hebrew site, which is one of the ancient places that belong to the first civilizations in the region, in addition to several sites Archeology like found in the city of Psia located on the banks of the valley of this city, where excavations and excavations revealed several round-shaped structures, constructed for defensive targets, and return to the third millennium BC, in addition to the presence of a defensive building also, and this goes back to the first millennium BC.

Monuments and landmarks

A site near the city of Psia was found, known as (Slot) and is considered the most famous among the sites of the ancient Sultanate, where remains were found of a fort located at the top of a hill, and it was mentioned that it was inhabited for many centuries that spanned from the first millennium BC and continued until the eighteenth century Christmas, and this indicates the importance of this region strategically.

There are many palm trees in Bahla, where we find them with a very large density, to form from this oasis a suitable place for life, and the people of the region were able to practice their life activities in a beautiful environment. It is characterized by its own entrance, and with the development of urban construction, we find that most of these lanes have been significantly affected in terms of its shape, and this wall, which extends for almost seven miles, is provided with a number of rooms and towers, in the famous mosque known as the Castle Mosque, in addition to the presence of the Bahla Market, which is located On the other side Yeh of the castle.

Mohammed bin Baraka School

The city of Bahla did not hesitate to care about science, and we find that it has graduated many scholars, they enriched the cultural and intellectual scene in the Sultanate, and we find from the famous school in it which is known as the school (Muhammad bin Baraka), has attracted many students from various Arab countries, especially North African countries As Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria, scholars in various sciences, especially in the sciences of the Noble Qur’an, graduated, to make this region a beacon of science referred to as Lebanon.


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