Where is the city of Bisha?

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Bisha Governorate

Al-Bisha Governorate is considered one of the governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is affiliated with many governorates of the Asir region, and Jacob mentioned it as a valley that leads to Jabal Tuhama, a province rich in its impressive historical monuments, and it is known that it was a crossing and a stop for many commercial caravans in the past.


This province belongs to the northern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but it is on its northern side, and we find it surrounded by several cities and governorates, where in the south we find the city of Abha in addition to the city of Namas, and also Khamis Mushait, and the north of it is the province of Rania, but in the east of it we find the province of Tathleeth, and in the west We find all of Al-Aqiq Governorate, Balqarn Governorate, in addition to Al-Baha Governorate, and it is an estimated distance of about a thousand kilometers from the country’s capital, Riyadh.

The height of the Bisha Governorate above the sea level is estimated to be one thousand and ninety seven meters, which is equal to two thousand feet above the sea level, while the population of it exceeds five hundred thousand people.

Bisha villages

This province is considered one of the most important and largest governorates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it includes a very large number of villages, as it exceeds two hundred and forty villages, we find it spread on both banks of the valley and also on its tributaries, and among the most important and most famous of these villages is the village of Al-Haifa, whose importance comes from that It forms a meeting place for many valleys in Tebbala, and we also find the village of Al-Rawshan, which is considered the first emirate located in the southern region, and there are also villages that have gained wide fame in the country, such as the village of Nimran, Masfara, and the complex, as well as the Harmal, and there is the village of thorns, Hazmi, and Subhi, in addition to the village of Al-Amayer , And no Citizen, kindness, Alrqitae, etc. There are villages in the region.


What distinguishes the province of Bisha from other provinces, is the reputation of its numerous markets, which are distinguished between them and also distinguished from others, and some may find ancient heritage markets that reach more than seven hundred years old, such as the Thursday market that takes place in Nimran, specifically on Thursday every week. It opens its doors from the early morning hours to Morocco, and this market was mentioned in the work of manuscripts and British travelers, and also the Thursday market is held in the village of Al-Naqee, and the times of opening and closing are similar to the village of Nimran, and the same is held in the village of Hafira in Harjab.

Friday market is known only in the context of Al-Geneina, where the market opens from the early morning hours, and closes at Friday prayers, and the Saturday market is known only in the sister village, the market receives visitors at noon, and closes in Morocco, while the Sunday market is held the village of Khyber south every Sunday Also, in the village of Al-Bahim and the village of Wadi Taraj, the markets are opened immediately after noon prayer, and the doors of the market are closed in Morocco, and on Monday every week it takes place in the village of Waar, the market of Monday, where it opens its doors directly after the afternoon prayer, and continues until Morocco from the same day Also, this market is established in the village of Samkh, and the market of the three It is known only in the village of Thenia.

As for Wednesday every week, it takes place in the village of Al-Roshan, Wednesday market, which has a age of more than two hundred years, where it opens its doors after the afternoon prayer, and closes after the Maghrib prayer, and this market was also mentioned in British travelers and manuscripts, and also there is the Wednesday market held In the village of Harjab, and the same is being held in the village of Daylami, except that in Daylami it opens its doors from the early morning hours until Morocco.


Information about the city and the countryside

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