Where is the city of Carthage located?

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The Tunisian Republic is located in the northern part of the continent of Africa, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east, while the State of Libya borders it to the southeast, and the State of Algeria to the west, and the Republic of Tunisia is made up of several distinct cities, the most important of which is the city of Carthage.


The meaning of the word “Carthage” is the new city, as “Carthage” is a Phoenician word:

Carthage location on the map

The city of Carthage is located in the northeast of the state of Tunisia, it is located in a peninsula overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and is 12 km from the Tunisian capital, Tunisia, where the White Sea borders it to the east and the municipality of Sidi Abi Said to the north, while it is bordered to the west by the municipality of Morsi and from the south The municipality of generosity.

History of Carthage

The city of Carthage is distinguished by its ancient history and the succession of different civilizations over it. When it was ruled by the Romans, it entered for two centuries of comfort, stability and peace, but after the fall of the Roman state it entered into intense struggles, returned and flourished in the Christian era and intensified religious movements spread, then again subjected to looting, destruction and vandalism in The time of the Vandals’ domination, and after the Byzantine Empire’s control, Carthage flourished again.

Islam arrived in the city of Carthage in the year (670) AD after its entry by the army of the Umayyad caliph Hassan bin Al-Numan led by Uqbah bin Nafi, but Uqba bin Nafi clashed with the barbarian tribes led by Kassila, and many battles took place between them until Uqba was able to control it and enter it into the Islamic state .


There are many places that indicate the nobility of the city and can be visited and enjoyed. These include:

  • the National Museum: This museum contains the monuments that indicate the major periods of government in Carthage, which are the Phoenician Punic period, the Roman African period, and the Arab-Islamic period, where there is a huge library that contains many valuable books, and special halls displaying the monuments indicating the Punic and Roman periods Christianity and Arab-Islamic, and there are mosaics and architectural pieces that are located in special stores, and a museum specialized in the preservation and maintenance of artifacts.
  • Antonios Baths: These baths were established in the middle of the second century AD (142-162), but with the succession of different civilizations and entering the city in periods of devastation and devastation and periods of prosperity, only these basements remained of the basement, and this floor contained vaulted rooms bearing the halls In the middle, there is a hall called the cold hall and large granite pillars where a column has been restored to show its height.

Places to visit in Carthage include the theater, the Roman Houses neighborhood, the Persa Plateau and its museum.


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