Where is the city of Chefchaouen located?

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The city of Chefchaouen is known as one of the cities in the Kingdom of Morocco, and it belongs to the large region of Chefchaouen, which was established in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-five, but the city of Chefchaouen was established since the year one thousand four hundred and seventy-one AD by Ali bin Rashid, and the aim of its establishment was Housing Andalusian Muslims, who were expelled by the Spanish.


The city of Chefchaouen is located on the African continent, specifically in the far western side of the Kingdom of Morocco, where it is located in a mountain range known as the Rif Mountains, from the north we find the Mediterranean, which is supervised by a coastal strip of more than one hundred and twenty square kilometers, but on the south side we find Wazzan and Taounate regions, and from the eastern side we find Al-Hoceima region. As for the western side, we find Larache and also Tetouan region. The area of ​​Chefchaouen region as a whole is equal to four thousand three hundred and fifty square kilometers.

Famous neighborhoods

The city of Chefchaouen is famous for its ancient neighborhoods or as it is called antique, as some of them belong to hundreds of years, there is the neighborhood of Al-Suwaiqa, and we also find the neighborhood of Andalusia, in addition to the neighborhood of Al-Ansar. The latter is known as a bus route and from there we reach the weekly market.


The city of Chefchaouen is known as a mountainous city with difficult terrain, as it has steep and sudden slopes, in addition to the large number of low valleys in it that are in the form of sharp refraction. The northwestern area of ​​Chefchaouen is at the tribe known as Bani Hassan, and the leader Tariq bin Ziyad also knew it, and to this day it is still known as the mosque that bears its name located in the village of Al-Shurfat.

As the ninth century has come and the era of the Idrisi family came, this region was ruled by Umar ibn Idris II, and he named the city of Fez the capital of his emirate, for this region to witness the most intense and severe wars and fiercest, and there are fierce conflicts that took place in it, and includes the city of Chefchaouen even Today many historical buildings are still witnessing the history of this civilized region, especially the famous square, which is known as the Watat al-Hamam square, as well as the famous Great Mosque in it, in addition to the Kasbah, which is surrounded by a huge wall surrounded by ten towers.


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