Where is the city of Cyprus located?

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Cyprus is located on an island in the northeastern region of the Mediterranean basin to the southeast of the continent of Europe close to the state of Greece, and northwestern Asia, close to the state of Turkey, which is the third island in order in terms of area and population in the Mediterranean, where It has an area of ​​9,250 square kilometers.

reason of calling

Cyprus means copper in Latin, and this name was given because of the abundance of mineral minerals in its lands since ancient times as it was the first source of copper extraction around the world.

Population nature

The island of Cyprus includes major religious, linguistic, and ethnic differences, so that the population of Cyprus is divided into two parts according to the current political division of it. Greek and follow the Orthodox Christian religion, as for the northern part of the island, the majority of its inhabitants are Muslim Turks, and they also speak the Turkish language. In 1983, the independence of the northern part of the island from Cyprus and the founding of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was announced.

Cyprus economy

The Greek part of Cyprus enjoys more economic growth and security than the Turkish part of Cyprus, and more than half of its population works in the field of services, while a small percentage of them work in the field of agriculture, especially the cultivation of potatoes and citrus fruits, with many of its residents engaged in the manufacture of chemicals and foodstuffs.

Cyprus through history

Ancient peoples and tribes settled in Cyprus from 6000 B.C. until Greece arrived in 1200 B.C. and established ancient Greek civilized cities, where Greece was exposed to the Assyrian, Egyptian, and Roman conquests, and in 45 AD the saints Paul and Barnabas spread the Christian religion in Cyprus, as it was subject to the rule of the Byzantine state in the year 330 AD, as Richard the Lionhearted conquered Cyprus in the year 1191 AD and submitted to the rule of the state of England until the Turkish state conquered it in 1670 AD, and in 1878 AD the Ottoman Empire handed over Cyprus to Britain which it converted To a royal colony, and in p AD 1956 met the Greeks and Turks Alcyprusaon in the fight against British colonialism even got independence in 1960, and in 1983 was declared the independence of the northern part of Cyprus for the regime and his Turkey, but the international community did not recognize this independence except the State of Turkey.


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