Where is the city of Dahab located? How far is Cairo to Dahab? And how far is it between Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab? One of the most important questions we receive from our dear visitors wishing to the tourist city of Dahab, below we will answer those questions and more, but let us first get to know some important information about the city of Dahab.
Dahab is one of the most beautiful spots of tourism in Egypt. It is distinguished by its golden sand that was the reason for its name, and its clear water beaches that contain different types of wonderful coral reefs.
Dahab is divided into two different regions, in the south of which is the village of Al Asla, which has a simple Bedouin life, and to the north is the vibrant part, where there are multiple entertainment places and major shopping centers.
Dahab includes a group of magnificent tourist attractions, including the Ras Abu Gallum Nature Reserve, the famous Blu Hall and canyon diving areas, and the Masbat area, which constitutes the city’s commercial and tourist area.

Where is the Egyptian city of Dahab located?

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Where is the city of Dahab located on the map:

Dahab is located on the Sinai Peninsula in the South Sinai Governorate in Egypt, and it overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba, and is also close to several other tourist cities such as Sharm El Sheikh and Taba.
You can view the map below to see where Dahab is located in Egypt on Google Maps.

The most important cities near Dahab:

After we got to know where the tourist city of Dahab is located, let us now know the distances between Dahab and the other major tourist cities in Egypt and how to get to Dahab from those cities.

The distance between Dahab and Cairo

The distance from Cairo to Dahab is approximately 591 km according to Google Maps, and the distance from Cairo to Dahab can be covered by car in 7 and a quarter hours via Ras Sidr – Al-Tor Road.
The following map shows the path of Ras Sidr – Al Tur road:

The distance between Dahab and Sharm El Sheikh

The distance from Sharm El Sheikh to Dahab is 92 km, and Sharm El Sheikh is the closest tourist city to Dahab, and the distance between Sharm and Dahab can be cut by car in an hour and 7 minutes via the Sharm El Sheikh – Dahab road shown in the following map:

The distance between Dahab and Taba

The distance between Taba and Dahab is approximately 140 kilometers, and Dahab can be reached from Taba and vice versa via the Dahab – Nuweiba road and Nuweiba – Taba road in two hours, except 10 minutes, as shown in the following map:

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