Where is the city of Dakar located?

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The city of Dakar

The city of Dakar is the capital of the State of Senegal, as it is the largest and most important city of all. It was founded by Federb, a French leader in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven AD, when it was colonized by the French to find in the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty AD the capital of Mali. In English, the city of Dakar is called (Dakar). Its area is approximately (82.38) square kilometers, or (31.81) square miles.

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Dakar is one of the coastal cities that is located in the far western region of the African continent, and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, where it is unique in this location without all other cities in the world, and the geographical area located on this city is known as the Cape Verde Peninsula.

A naval island is located near this city, which is the island of Goure, and this island was transformed during the French rule of the region – in the sixteenth century AD – into a European castle, so that this island becomes the main center of the region where the slave trade takes place, where slaves are exported by European administration to the American continent, and we note that it is located in the city of Dakar sea port on the Atlantic Ocean.

The city of Dakar is located in the middle of a region bearing the name of this city, which is the region of Dakar, where the area of ​​this region is five hundred and forty-seven square kilometers, and this city is considered to have a very high population density, so that the number of the population of this city is estimated at more than thirty-three thousand five hundred and forty Ninety people.

The municipalities of the city of Dakar

The province of Dakar includes a large number of municipalities belonging to it, including: the municipality of Biscuitieri, and Kempiran, as well as the Dobolderkle, and the municipality of Curie, in addition to the municipality of Yuf, and also the major Yuf, and there is the greater Dakar, as follows the municipality of Han Bel Air, Ashlm, and the municipality of Nagour, We also find Dakar Hill, there are Wakam, and many others. Youf municipality is characterized by a high population density, unlike other municipalities, but the Dakar Hill municipality is considered the first in terms of economic activity.

The most important landmarks in the city of Dakar

There is no doubt that the city of Dakar is the same as most of the cities on one of the continents of the ancient world, as it contains many heritage places and sites of historical importance, in addition to what it contains of places of modern importance, we find in Dakar the Museum of African Culture, and also the museum of great fame which is Slavery Museum, and do not forget the African Renaissance monument located in this city, in addition to the large market in it.


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