Where is the city of Dammaj located?

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Damaj city

It is one of the cities of the Republic of Yemen, and it is located in a valley in the southeast of the Saada region, and it follows in terms of the administrative division of the Directorate of Al-Safra of the Governorate of Saada, and the fame of this city came through the presence of the Dar Al-Hadith Center in it, which was established by Sheikh “Moqbel Al-Wadii” who is a Sheikh of the elders Salafism in the Republic of Yemen.

Its geography

The city of Damaj, or the so-called Wadi Damaj, is about 7 kilometers from the city of Saada, and the length of the valley is about (25) kilometers and its width does not exceed (3) kilometers, and the city of Damaj is bounded on the southern side by the mountains of Al-Hanajer and is part of the city in addition to a trail of farewell. Ammar, it is bordered on the north by Jabal Al-Afari and Jabal Al-Mudawar, on the east by Abdin, and on the west by the Al Salem area.

Its population

The tribe of Wada lives in the city of Dammaj, and they are four clans: the Al-Khamis, the Al-Awran family, the Al-Thil and the Quraish family. After the establishment of the Dar Al-Hadith Center, the region became a scientific region where people came from every direction to seek knowledge until the arrivals to it matched the city’s indigenous population with the number.
According to statistics of the year (2004 AD), the population of the city reached (15.626) people, and the number of expatriates reached it (4,027), meaning that it is approximately (25%) of the population.

Agriculture in it

The city of Damaj is famous for its high-quality agricultural products, as it contains the finest grapes of grapes at the level of the Republic of Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula, and all kinds of fruits are cultivated in them and the most famous of these products are: Persia (peach), pomegranate, apple, grapes and others.

Tourist attractions

Among the most prominent features: Mount Brash, which can be seen from the city about (25) kilometers away, and this mountain was mentioned in the “Book of the Complete” by Ibn Al-Atheer when he was describing the Arabian Peninsula, and this mountain was one of the signs through which the traveler guides to it in the foot, where it was It cites the example “If Mount Brash is absent, preach the gospel of Saada.” This means that if you no longer see Mount Brash, you are close to the Saada region, and there is also a long tunnel recently discovered at the base of the mountain that is difficult to reach its end.

The role of Dar Al-Hadith in Dammaj

Sheikh “Muqbel Al-Wadii” established a scientific school called “Dar Al-Hadith”, which students from all over Yemen and the Arab and Islamic world come to, which made the city of Damaj a world-renown nowadays, so the arrivals to it make up more than half of the city’s residents who contributed to The development of the town in terms of cultural and urban renaissance, and in this house all legal arts are held.


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