Where is the city of Dhamar located?

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The city of Dhamar

The city of Dhamar (English: Dhamar) is located in the Dhamar Governorate located in the Republic of Yemen, at latitude 14.54, and longitude 44.41, and its height above sea level is 2421 meters, while its population amounts to about 160.111 people, which makes it the largest city in Dhamar Governorate, which is In the western part of the Yemeni lands, it lies in a valley between two volcanic peaks and is 19 km long.

History of the city of Dhamar

The city of Dhamar was mentioned for the first time in the historical books of the Arab geographer and philosopher Yaqout who lived in the period between 1179 AD to 1229 CE, and Yaqout wrote about the city’s buildings and the fertility of the surrounding areas, and Dhamar was known as a major religious center of the Zaidi community, which is one of the Islamic sects, and it has been This sect dominated Yemen for centuries, and the Minister’s family ruled the city until 1944.

The importance of the city of Dhamar

The city of Dhamar played an important role in politics and trade in Yemen, where it was mentioned in the Yemeni archaeological inscriptions that the city of Dhamar was a famous center for Islamic studies and science, and many great scholars attributed to it, and the city was famous in the past for horse breeding and was one of the most prominent places for horse breeding in the Arabian Peninsula, and lies Its importance is also that it is the capital of Dhamar Governorate, in addition to that it links the Yemeni capital Sana’a with many neighboring governorates, and it is also the headquarters of the largest university in Yemen, which is Dhamar University.

The reason for naming the city of Dhamar

The name of Dhamar belongs to the king of Sheba and the Raydan “Dhamar Ali Yahbar” who ruled from 15 CE to 35 CE, and a statue of him was found in the city of the Red Palm located near the city of Dhamar, and King Dhamar Ali Yahbar has recovered the great dam close to the city.


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