Where is the city of Durban located?

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It is one of the cities in the continent of Africa, and it is the largest city in South Africa, and it follows administratively to the province of KwaZulu-Natal, and the city coordinates are limited to a line of 29.88 degrees to the north, and a longitude of 31.05 degrees to the east, and the city area reaches 2292 square kilometers And more than six hundred thousand people live on it.
The city is affected by the sub-tropical humid climate, and the average annual rainfall reaches more than one thousand mm, while the temperatures during the summer reach twenty-four degrees Celsius on the average, and the summer extends from November to April, and the average temperature during a season Winter falls to seventeen degrees Celsius, and winter runs from June to August.

Its history

There are many archaeological evidence found in the Drakensberg Mountains, which indicates that the city was inhabited by fishermen in the year one hundred thousand BC, and the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama arrived in the city in 1497 AD, while searching through a road linking India to Europe, Vasco called it Natal at that time, and the first settlement of the city dates back to the year 1824 AD to twenty-five British men, and settled near the northern shores of Natal Bay, and in 1835 the population of the city was thirty-five people, who decided to build the city and call it the urban city (d ‘Urban).

Its foundation

The Republic of Natalia was established in 1838 AD by the Futurists in the city, and they took the city of Pietermaritzburg as their capital, and the leader of the Futurists, Mr. Petit Retief, negotiated with the Zulu king, in order to obtain a group of lands near the city for agricultural purposes, and this resulted in an attack by The Zuluites, they killed more than five hundred people from the Voterikirians, and the Vaturicans were able to take revenge in the Battle of the Blood River, and then continued a state of tension between the two parties, which led to the sending of British forces under the leadership of Captain Charlton Smith to establish the British rule in Natal, in fear of British control lost in the Port Natal area close to the conflict zone.
The city was included as one of the British colonies, and as a result, the Europeans began to emigrate to establish settlements in the city, and this colonization contributed to the start of the sugar cane trade in 1860, and the British brought thousands of Indian workers to work for them with contracts that spanned five years, and the city began to develop slowly after that. And the city became independent from Britain with the independence of South Africa on 31/4/1910 AD.



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