Where is the city of Fayed located?

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Fayed is located in Egypt, which is a small city in the Ismailia Governorate, about 106 km from Cairo, and it is one of the tourist cities in Egypt due to the presence of many luxurious and suitable holiday homes in it, as it is suitable for those who wish to spend time in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of the city In addition to the distinguished location, proximity to the capital, and its location on the banks of Lake Marra, between Ismailia and Suez, Fayed is also famous for its war cemetery, in addition to the presence of an air base that was used in World War II.

Tourist attractions in Fayed

Fayed is characterized by its quiet sandy beaches and beautiful green spaces, in addition to the wonderful resorts and tourist villages. Spas and sports fields with wide areas, in addition to recreational clubs for children, and the city’s beaches are known for their variety of seafood and fresh fish with a delicious taste.

Beach of flowers

Al-Zuhour Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Fayed, located at the end of the new street in the city center, there are a large number of chalets on the beach; rental rates are suitable for all groups, the number of chalets reaches 18, in addition to it contains a theater, water games, recreational games and cafeterias, The beach attracts thousands of tourists coming to it from the governorates and neighboring areas of Ismailia, in particular from the governorates of Sharkia and Cairo.

The bitter lake

The reason for calling Al-Murrah Lake by this name is due to the salty water in it, which is a quiet spot and far from the noise and this matter distinguishes the city of Fayed in general, as it is quiet due to its distance from the street noise and traffic crises that exist almost everywhere in Egypt, and it consists of the Suez Canal and is exploited As a place to wait for ships and ferries while traveling, the lake is surrounded by green, water-filled grounds everywhere.


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