Where is the city of Haifa located?

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It is one of the largest abandoned coastal Palestinian cities, and Yaqout al-Hamwi mentioned in his book Mujamat al-Balad that the name Haifa is taken from Haifa, which is derived from Haifa, meaning injustice and oppression, and Haifa is characterized by its strategic location and historical importance throughout the ages. It was coveted by the invaders, and today Arabs are Christians and Muslims, and Jews as well, constitute the majority after the displacement of its Arab people in the Nakba, and Haifa today constitutes an important port in occupied Palestine.

Its location

It is located in the Haifa District in Occupied Palestine, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, and is spread on the northern foot of Mount Carmel, which rises 546 meters above the sea level, and is located on a latitude of 32.49 north, and longitude 35 east, northwest of Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, where it is far About 158 ​​km from it, and its strategic location that links the mountains of Carmel and the plains, has channeled the ambitions of the invaders through the ages.

Its climate

The prevailing climate in Haifa is the Mediterranean climate, as it is hot in the summer at a rate of 26 degrees Celsius, and relatively cold in winter, with heavy rainfall, and the average temperature in the winter 12 degrees Celsius, and snow rarely falls on Haifa, and humidity is high throughout the year .

Haifa throughout history

It was built in the time of the Canaanites, and Muslims opened it during the reign of Umar ibn Al-Khattab, at the hands of the leader Amr ibn al-Aas. Until it was restored by Al-Ashraf Khalil bin Qalawun, and the city of Haifa flourished greatly in the Ottoman era, so the old city was built at the time of al-الظāhir Umar, in addition to many monuments, such as the Independence Mosque, and Haifa was at that time an independent emirate, while modern Haifa was established in 1761 AD It is a center of the Bahá’í Faith, as it contains traces of the Bahais, and The most famous Baha’i Gardens, located at the foot of Mount Carmel and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Haifa underwent a British mandate in 1918 after World War I and the rest of Palestine. Britain promised the Jews to establish a national homeland for them in Palestine in the Balfour Declaration, and in implementation of this promise, Britain facilitated the emigration of Jews to Palestine. In the partition resolution in 1947, the United Nations gave 55% of the land. Palestine was for Jews, and Haifa was one of them. They wanted to be the main port of their new state.
It was occupied by the Zionists in the Nakba, specifically on April 21, 1948, when its people were killed, abused and forcibly displaced, and to this day Haifa is under the weight of the Israeli occupation.


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