Where is the city of Hajar located?

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The city of desertion

The city of desertion is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically in the east side of the eastern region of Saudi Arabia, so the name of desertion is the old name of this city, and it was recently replaced by the city of Al-Ahsa, and the city of desertion is the gateway and the main entrance to the Arab Gulf countries, and the city of desertion is characterized by its largest area it is considered the largest cities The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with an area of ​​approximately (43,000) square kilometers, in addition to its main complexes.

Thus, its area is equivalent to a quarter of the entire area of ​​Saudi Arabia, in which a large population lives and reaches approximately (1.063.112) people. The city of desertion is bordered by several regions and governorates from all directions, as it is bordered to the north by the Abqaiq Governorate, and to the east by the Gulf of Salwa and the Arabian Gulf, It is bounded on the south by the Sultanate of Oman, and on the west by the Dahna Desert.

The most famous for it

The city of desertion is considered one of the largest palm oases at the level of the Arab world, and because it contains large numbers of palm trees, it has been called the Palm Sea, and the number of palm trees in it is estimated at about three million palm trees, and its annual production of dates is equivalent to one hundred thousand tons annually, and the nature The formation of desert land, which is sandy, has helped to create a suitable environment for palm trees.

The city of Hajar is distinguished as one of the heritage cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the history of the city dates back to the history of the modern city of Al-Ahsa, where the old city of Al-Hajr was completely rebuilt and destroyed, so many historians disagreed about whether desertion was a city, village or region.

Its climate

The city of desertion is characterized by its hot climate in the summer, cold and rainy in the winter, and at times times it rains in the autumn, that is, it is characterized as a seasonal climate, and this region has many sand storms from time to time, because it is a sandy area and is surrounded by sand from all directione.

Its area

The city of desertion differs in its areas according to the difference in its history, and this name has been launched on many regions, namely:

  • I gave it the name of Hajar, which is the capital of Bahrain, and this name is also given to the area from Basra to the Sultanate of Oman.
  • It was launched in the area from Basra to the Sultanate of Oman in the past, and then its name became Al-Ahsa recently.
  • The area that extends from the borders of the Sultanate of Oman to the Abqaiq region is called.
  • It was launched on the area linking the western coast of the Arabian Gulf, and extends from the Kuwaiti southern border to the Qatari border, Oman and the Jafurah desert, and these days it is known as the eastern region.

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