Where is the city of Hali located?

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The city is known as Hali Bin Yaqoub, and it is one of the cities on the Asian continent, which is affiliated with the Arabian Peninsula, specifically in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is located in the southern part of Al-Qunfudah Governorate, sixty-five kilometers, and four hundred kilometers from the Makkah al-Mukarramah region Of its subordinate, and overlooks the Valley of Hale, and the coasts of the Red Sea, and the total area of ​​the city reaches six thousand square kilometers, and lives on it more than sixty-five thousand people.

Hili is one of the cities that owns flat lands, and it is descended from parts of the Sarwat Mountains. The city contains a large group of high mountains in the eastern parts of it, and Hurat in the southeastern parts, and large basins in the western parts, linking the Tihama plains with the Sarwat mountains It also divides the city into northern and southern halves, known as Wadi Hali.


Al-Qunfudah Governorate is one of the largest governorates affiliated to the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, which is two hundred and eighty seven kilometers away from its center from the southern side, which is known as Ghada Al-Janoub, and is located on the Red Sea coast through the city of Hali, which is affiliated with it. And from the northeastern corner of Al-Mahwah Governorate, from the eastern side are the governorates of Bariq, Al-Mujaradah, Al-Ardiyah, the Red Sea to the west, Asir city to the southeast, and Al-Barak city to the south.

Miscellaneous information

  • Wadi Hali Dam: The city of Hali contains one of the largest projects in the Kingdom, which is the Wadi Hali Dam, in order to secure water in the Kingdom, and to provide drinking water and irrigation, and to develop the sources on which the dam depends, and the length of the dam reaches eighty seven meters, while its capacity reaches Storage capacity to a quarter of a million cubic meters, making it the second largest dam in the country.
  • Education: Education in the ancient time was primarily dependent on writers and tribal elders, then educational methods were developed through the allocation of a department of learning in the city, which contains more than thirty-five schools for boys, and girls in the three primary, basic, and secondary stages.
  • Population: The city is home to a large number of tribes, including the Canaanite tribes that are divided into Bani Yahya, Al-Amor, Al-Salamah, Al-Masaheh, Al-Salabana, and the Al-Ashraf and Al-Sada tribe that are divided into Al-Khalaf, Al-Barakat, Al-Ayyaf, Al-Mohab, Al-Zayala, and the Jarb tribe that are divided To al-Gawanmeh, al-Ghubshah, al-Sahab, and the tribe of Rabia ibn al-Azd, al-Ahmarah, al-Nawashrah, al-‘Alawna, al-Hadathha, and al-Khawalidah.

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