Where is the city of Hama located?

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The city of Hama

The city of Hama is located in the center of the Syrian Arab Republic, and it is considered the fourth in terms of population, which amounts to approximately (854) thousand people according to statistics in 2010, as there is the Orontes River, and is located about (210) kilometers from Damascus (the Syrian capital). And about Aleppo, about (135) kilometers. Its height reaches about (270) meters above the sea level, its climate is slightly wet and its air is moderate, and its climate is more beautiful in the spring, when it is moderate and abundant with flowers and scenic landscapes, and vegetables are spread over its mountains and plains.

The gates and walls of the ancient city of Hama

Al-Qalqashandi says in his writings that the wall of the city of Hama was built at the time of the Roman Emperor Titus, but this wall was destroyed by a devastating earthquake that occurred in the year (552) Hijri, then Nur ad-Din Zangi came and restored it, this wall has several doors as follows:

  • Western Gate: It is located on the western side of the fence in the land of ten.
  • Cave: It is found in the Al-Jarajima area.
  • The river: It is a door overlooking the Orontes River.
  • Al-Qebli: It is the door that is located in the south of the city of Hama.
  • The Blind: It was called so due to the large number of blind people leaving this door to the Al-Taweel Market to buy their needs.
  • Kit: It is located to the south of the city wall near the shrine of the Prophet Ham, and was named by this name because they were entering several fighting equipment from there towards the castle.
  • Bridge: It is located to the northwest of the fence.
  • Homs: It is located to the east of Al-Bashoura neighborhood, and it was named because the passengers were leaving it for the city of Homs.
  • Victory: It was mentioned by Abu al-Fida in the events of the year (626 AH) but its location is unknown.
  • Al-Naqfi: It is located to the east of the basement of the red plane.
  • The wedding: It is a door that leads to a market for wedding purposes.
  • Tripoli: It was called this name because it leads to the city of Tripoli and is located southwest of the city.
  • Damascus: It is located near the Al-Tawil market and leads to the city of Damascus.
  • Country: It is located in the south of the long market towards the Martyrs Square near the Royal Mosque, and this door was the last door that was removed in 1960 AD, as all of these doors are no longer left today.

Tourism in it

In the city of Hama, there are many archaeological and tourist sites, forests, picturesque nature, beaches and resorts, and from these archaeological sites we mention:

  • The nawa’ir: which is located on the Orontes River, and it is considered one of the largest waterways in the world and the oldest of which is why Hama was called “the city of nawae”.
  • Enchanting castles and monuments: such as the Hama Fort, as well as the Al-Azem Palace, which has been converted into a folklore museum, located in Al-Tofra neighborhood in addition to the ancient city of Apamea.
  • Mosque: Like the Nuri Mosque, the Great Mosque, and the Abu Fida Mosque.


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