Where is the city of Hama located?

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The city of Hama is located in the state of Syria, and the city of Hama is about 210 km from the Orontes River in the northern side of the capital, Damascus, specifically in the middle of the distance between Damascus and Aleppo, as well as about Banias about 90 km to the eastern side of it, specifically it lies between longitude 36.757830 and lines The width is 35.131790, and the sea level rises by approximately 270 m, and the city of Hama has a population of 460,602 people, and the area of ​​the city of Aleppo is approximately 9,000 km.

Economic activities

The city of Hama depends on its economy on agricultural activity, such as growing cotton, fruits and vegetables, in addition to its dependence on the wool, textile, tanning, cement and flour milling industry, as well as on drinking water and irrigation from large wooden fountains with a diameter of 10-22 meters, and was built in the century Fourteenth to raise water to the canals.

touristical monuments

There are many tourist and monuments in the city of Hama, which made it a historical, archaeological and religious city that smells fragrant of history, as the Virgin Mary Church belongs to the Orthodox and the Great High Mosque, which is located near the castle on the western side of it, and the ancient city of Apamea and Ibn Wardan Palace in the eastern countryside of Hama, as the history of the ancient city of Hama is embodied in its possession of more than 11 different historical monuments and multiple, including the strait of the strait, the castle of Hama and the castle of Shizar, and the city of Hama is famous for its many Islamic centers that were proud of graduating cohorts of scientists from them, also called Hama in the name The city of Nawa’ir, due to the abundance of water in it, which is a water machine that rotates using the water force while it is located on the bank of the Orontes River in the city of Hama.


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