Where is the city of Helsinki located

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Helsinki is located in the south of Finland, on the banks of the Finnish Gulf overlooking the Baltic Sea. This city is the official capital of the country and its largest city. Helsinki comes to the eastern side of Stockholham, the capital of the State of Sweden, about four hundred kilometers away from it, and it is located to the western side of the Russian city of Saint Petersburg about three hundred kilometers from it, and finally the city of Helsinki is away from the Estonian capital Tallinn, approximately eighty kilometers. It is separated from it by the waters of the Gulf of Finland.


Helsinki is one of the most important Finnish cities ever, as it is the political center in the country, as well as being the main player in the cultural, educational, financial, and research fields in the country, except for its importance at the regional level, especially at the country level surrounding the Baltic Sea, in addition to The country located in the north of the European continent. The majority of the companies that decided to establish a foothold in Finland have taken their headquarters in Helsinki.


The proportion of the city’s population who do not hold Finnish citizenship is estimated at more than about five percent of the total population, while the percentage of people born outside Finnish lands is estimated at about eight percent of the total population, while the proportion of the population residing on the Helsinki land is estimated at thirty-three Almost percent.


The Swedish and Finnish languages ​​are the official languages ​​of this city, with the latter being the official language of more than eighty-four percent of the city’s total population, while the proportion of the population that considers Swedish as their mother tongue is only about six percent. As for the rest of the population, i.e. approximately ten percent, neither the Swedish language nor the Finnish language is its mother tongue.


As for education, this city includes several important universities, including the University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Sibelius Academy, Theater Academy, Hanken Economic Institute, Academy of Fine Arts, and the National Defense University.

It also includes a number of institutes of applied sciences such as the Hagia Helia University of Applied Sciences, the University of Helsinki Arcada of Applied Sciences, and the University of Applied Sciences of Helsinki.

Greater Helsinki

The municipality of Helsinki is located in the center of the Greater Helsinki Region, where this region includes the city itself in addition to three other cities adjacent to it, and these cities are: Vantaa, Espoo and Kaunianen. The greater Helsinki region is the most urbanized region on the north of the Earth, with approximately one million and three hundred thousand people.


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