Where is the city of Helwan located?

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Its location

The city of Helwan is located in the Arab Republic of Egypt, to the south of Cairo, the capital of the country, on the eastern bank of the Nile, to the north from Beni Suef, to the northeast from Fayoum, to the southeast from the city of 6th of October, and to the southwest of the city of New Cairo Helwan is considered one of the suburbs of southern Cairo.

Its history

The city of Helwan is considered one of the oldest cities within the Egyptian lands, as it was originally from the Pharaonic cities, and it contains the first water dam in all history, and this dam is located in the area known as Wadi Hof, but it ceased to exist until the governor of Egypt came before The Umayyad caliphs, Abdul Aziz bin Marwan, then revived it again. It became a city in which the ideal is beautiful and beautiful, and with the passing of history, the city of Helwan was neglected, but nowadays it is a city tainted with pollutants, and factories that release toxic gases and fumes.

Its regions

  • The winepress: The Helwan winepress is located between the southern gardens and Tora Cement in the north. It is the sixth stop on the metro line. The winepress is considered one of the most important and prominent areas in Helwan, and it is also one of the most popular areas in it, with a population estimated at about sixty thousand people.
  • Wadi Al-Hof: It is one of the finest confectionery areas, and it was built on about forty percent of the land area, while the rest was dedicated to the creation of gardens and green areas, which increased the aesthetic aspects in it.

Its administrative organization

The presidential decision to establish Helwan Governorate was issued in the world two thousand and eight AD, specifically on the seventeenth of April, but this decision was canceled after the January Revolution of the year two thousand and eleven AD, where Helwan returned after that to the Egyptian Governorate of Cairo, and when a transfer was made Helwan came to a governorate, as a number of new cities were added to it, including May 15, Badr, New Cairo, and others.

Helwan Governorate contained many important landmarks, especially the military factories, which were considered one of the huge industrial facilities in the country, and also included Helwan University, Ain Helwan, and the Japanese Garden, except for cement factories, the area for recruitment, in addition to Tora Prison, Many of the illustrious names came out of the Helwan region on the Egyptian level, as well as the Arabic ones such as the writer Jamal Al-Ghitani, the players Hussam and Ibrahim Hassan, and most of all, there are opinions indicating that this region is the birthplace of the Messenger of God Moses – peace be upon him -.


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