The city of Hollywood

This city is famous for being the home of the entertainment industry, as it contains historical studios, and as a symbol of the film industry in the United States, and is considered a region with ethnic diversity, it contains a large proportion of Spaniards, non-Latino whites, Asians, blacks, Mexicans, and Guatemalans with a density High population, with a population of more than 120,000 people living on 3.51 square miles, with an average of 25 people per square mile, and the seventh district in it is the most dense, and contains many schools that operate LAUSD as a Gardner Primary School, and he Leewood for adults on Highland Street.

Hollywood City website

It is one of the cities of the North American continent, which is the central region of Los Angeles in the state of California of the United States of America, and the city borders the Hills region on the north side, Los Velez on the northeastern side, and on the south side Hancock Park, Larsmont and Fairfax on the western side, The West Hollywood Hills are from the northwest, and the city stretches from North to Genoa via Labri Street to Wattles Garden Park and Franklin Street, and its coordinates are between 34 ° 6′0 ″ to the north, and 118 ° 20′0 ″ to the west.

Radio and television

KNX Radio was the most famous in the city, before leaving CBS Radio Colombia, and on January 22 of 1947 the first commercial station was opened in the western side of the Mississippi River under the name of KTLA, and in December of the same year the first TV series was shown on The network is named after Attorney General, which was filmed on Hollywood.Television, KTLA, and KCET stations, which are located on Sunset Street, then KNBC came in 1962 to purchase studios in the northeast corner of Sunset Street, NBC on Fine Street in Burbank, and KTTV in In 1996 she moved from her former home in Levi Metromedia Square to Sunset Street in West Los Angeles There are many channels and radios in the world famous city such as KCOP, KCBS-TV and CBS.


The city contains many heritage, artistic, and media areas, green spaces such as Columbia CBS Arena, Charlie Chaplin Studios, Cinerama Dome, Multaqa Theater, Dolby Theater, Earl Carroll Theater, Capital, Frederick Hollywood, Valley Valley, Egyptian Grumman Theater, Hollywood and Highland Center, Hollywood and Fine, Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Hollywood Heritage Museum, Hollywood Palladium, Masonic Temple, Hollywood Museum, Walk of Fame, Wax Museum, Knickerbocker Hotel, Madame Tussauds Hollywood, Musso and Frank, Pentagon Theater, Roosevelt Hotel, sunset studios, theater Chinese TCL.

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