Where is the city of Iram with its baptism located?

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add’s people

An explanation of Ibn Abbas stated that the toss with the baptism is a metaphor for the length of the bodies of the people of Aad, and the commentators mentioned that the toss with the baptism is an attribute for creating their bodies being the greatest human beings in terms of size, and it was said that their lengths amounted to four hundred cubits for the individual and one of them, where the man was carrying a complete rock on His shoulders are thrown on a neighborhood of the population that all of them perish, and the interpreters differed about the fact that the city of Qom returned, so some of them said: They are palaces and towers built from stones, and the present of Yemen was in that time, where Shaddad Bin Aad built it and it took three hundred years to build it, and built its palaces from Gold and silver made various types of trees in them, and made rivers in them slave-woman.

Site toss with the baptism

A people resettled between Hadramawt and Oman in an area called Al-Ahqaf, Almighty said: (And mention his brother, Aad, when his people warned of the rituals and the vow was broken)And they used to live in tents made of hair with huge pillars, so they mentioned them in the Noble Qur’an. (Throw the same pillars that were not created like them in the countries)And interpreters differed on the interpretation of the meaning of the word Iram, as it is the name of the grandfather of the people of Awad bin Awad bin Iram bin Sam bin Nabi Noah, peace be upon him.

The torment of a people returned

Some people returned to their arrogance in the land, where they said who among us is the most powerful, so God Almighty sent glory to them on a bad day and their torment lasted for eight consecutive days, from jinx and severe torment, because they were unjust people, until God annihilated them with great torment for the last one of them, and God put them in the world And the Hereafter, Almighty said: (So ​​we sent upon them a steady wind in the days of slavery, so that we may narrate to them the torment of shame in the life of the world and the torment of Azab..


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