Where is the city of Jenin located?

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Where is the city of Jenin located?

The city of Jenin is located in the West Bank in the state of Palestine, and overlooks one of the entrances to the Marj Ibn Amer plain that reaches its way to the mountains of the city of Nablus, so it was of special importance. And the city of Nablus, which is 43 km away from the old commercial road that connects Nablus to Haifa, and the city of Jenin rises 100-250m above sea level.


The city of Jenin has its origin in this name, due to Ain Jinem, which is famous for its springs that are abundant in its abundant water. Jenin was named in the era of the Franks after the name Green.

the climate

The city of Jenin generally prevails in a mild climate, due to the Mediterranean climate, and the average annual temperatures reach approximately 19.5 degrees in it, and the annual average for the minimum and major end ranges between 14-28 degrees Celsius, and the annual average humidity in Jenin city the amount of 58%.

General information about the city of Jenin

We mention some facts and information about the city of Jenin as follows:

  • The city of Jenin owns one of its main hospitals, which is called the Hospital of the Martyr Dr. Khalil Suleiman.
  • Jenin city contains the official United Nations refugee camp.
  • In 1948, the city of Jenin was a haven for refugees, which led to the deterioration of its economic conditions and the migration of population numbers from it to the East Bank of Jordan in addition to the Gulf countries.


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