Where is the city of Jizan?

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Jazan region

Jizan is located in the southwestern side in the countries of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, bordered by the northern and eastern sides of Asir, and on the western side by the Red Sea, and from the southern and southeastern sides of Yemen, and its location in relation to the equator between latitudes 16 and 17 degrees to the north, and two lines The length of 42 and 43 degrees to the east, and its total area is more than thirteen square kilometers, with a population of more than a million and a half people, and Jazan city is the administrative capital of the region, and the region is managed by His Highness Mohammed bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

Jazan city website

It is one of the cities of the Arabian Peninsula located in the Asian continent, and it belongs administratively to the Jizan region which is located in the southwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is located on the western side, the area overlooking the Red Sea coast, and it borders the city from the northern side to Sabya, and from the eastern side Abu Arish And from the northeastern side, Ligature, and from the southern side, Samtah, and one of the theaters, and it is forty-five kilometers to the west from the Forsan Islands, and its coordinates are between 16 ° 53.21 to the north, and 42 ° 33.40 to the east.

Miscellaneous information

Information about Jizan:

  • Healthcare: The city contains many health centers, and good services such as King Fahd Central Hospital, Jazan General, Chest Diseases, Mental Health, Al-Omais Al-Ahly, Al-Haramain Medical Complex, Prince Muhammad bin Nasser Hospital, Ghanna Dental and Cosmetic Center, and Sama Al Janoub Dental Complex.
  • Historical monuments: The city contains a variety of monuments with ancient history, namely:
    • Al-Dosarya Castle: The castle is located in the center of the city, overlooking the Red Sea, and the height of the castle reaches one hundred and fifty meters above sea level. The castle is distinguished by its square shape and has a total area of ​​nine hundred square meters.
    • Tax Haraj: This forest is located in the city center at Al-Jabal neighborhood, and it consists of a spacious yard, and contains many markets for household supplies.
  • Hotels and chalets: The region is considered one of the tourist destinations, because it provides good services from the hotel side, such as the region contains Sasso Suite, Bin Jarbou Villas and Furnished Apartments, Jazan Inn, Happy Times Tower, Jazan Orchid, Ethel Jazan, Hayat Jazan, Al-Faris Chalets, and Salwa, And Marsa Al-Ahlam Al-Seyahi, and Rotana for hotel suites, Kadi Jazan for suites and Jazan Royal Suite.
  • King Abdullah Regional Airport: The distance of the airport from the city center is about three kilometers, and this airport was opened in one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one, and it provides a range of services for travelers with many lines in the countries of Saudi Arabia, flynas and the Gulf, and its total area reaches 4.7 square kilometers.


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