Where is the city of Limassol located?

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Have you ever heard of Limassol? Do you know Where is the city of Limassol located? ? If you want to know more information about that charming city, follow this article with us and you will learn a lot of information about the city of Limassol, its location and the most important commercial and economic activities in it and its residents and other information that interests you about the city of Limassol.

Where is the city of Limassol located?

The city of Limassol is one of the cities located on the island of Cyprus in Greece, specifically in the far south of it, and the city of Limassol is the second largest city in that island, after the capital Nicosia, and the population of this city is about one hundred thousand people only, and the majority of the population of this island are Christians. Orthodox.

Location and geography of Limassol:

The city of Limassol is located in the far southwestern side of the island of Cyprus, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea, adjacent to it by the city of Agos and the city of Larnaca, and the area of ​​this city is about 1600 km, and rises from the sea about 20 meters.

Economy in the city of Limassol:

The economy relies very heavily in this city on the maritime economy because it is located directly on the sea, as it depends on tourism as it is one of the main tourist cities in Cyprus, and there are a number of light and manufacturing industries.
But the city does not depend on agriculture, as the agriculture has very little and few, and the city is one of the closed cities as it does not have any air services or any airports, and Larnaca Airport is one of the closest airports to it but it is about 75 km away, and there is a large number Very local companies and international companies based on local industries.

Archeological sites in Limassol:

  • There are a large number of ancient archaeological places in Limassol, such as the city of Amathus, which remains until now its ruins, witnessed that it was one of the very great places, and there is also in the city of Limassol, the city of Kourion, which dates back to the twelfth century B.C. The amphitheater dates back to the ancient Roman era.
  • Ancient Colossian Castle: It is also one of the ancient archaeological sites that date back to the period of the Byzantine rule and includes inside it many exhibits that reflect the Middle Ages, such as ancient wars artifacts, as it is the oldest castle in history.
  • This is beside a large collection of ancient Byzantine churches that have a large number of attractive color mosaics.
  • The most important tourist places that Limassol is famous for:

    • Limassol, the Cypriot city that God Almighty has loved by its beautiful and charming nature, contains a large group of beautiful tourist cities, and tourism in the city of Limassol depends on the beaches in tourism, as the mild weather has greatly helped in activating a large number of domestic trips.
    • You can also enjoy swimming and scuba diving in order to see a large number of colorful coral reefs that characterize the island, and you can rent a small boat to sail for a few days in the sea of ​​the city. If you love nature, you can take a tour of Dawoody Beach, which is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.
    • A large number of dancing festivals are also held in the city, such as the ballet festival, which is one of the old ballet festivals, which you will enjoy a lot. You can also enjoy the popular Limassol Carnival, which dates back to the nineteenth century.
    • If you are looking for races and sports competitions, you can attend Formula One races, which is one of the very famous races there.
    • The city of Limassol is famous for the large and varied popular markets, and there is a large group of hotels and tourist resorts, huge hotels that are built on the latest styles, and the presence of a large group of gardens that have a large collection of rare flowers.
    • As for the most famous foods enjoyed by the city of Limassol, fresh foods are served with a wide range of herbs, spices and olive oil, which are very similar to the dishes that are served in Greece.


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