Where is the city of Mahayil located?

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It is one of the governorates of the Asir region located within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is famous for Mahayil Asir, as it was previously called by the name Al-Mukhaidar. The population of this province is estimated at about two hundred thousand people or just over.
This governorate is located near the city of Abha, Saudi Arabia, which is about 80 km to the northwest of it, and Mahayel is approaching the shore of the Red Sea by a distance of approximately 70 km, and you meet with it through the obstacle of the slogan, in which a number of roads connecting to some areas of Saudi Arabia The other is like the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and the Al-Baha region, while a coastal road branching to Al-Qunfudah is branched to the western direction. As for the southern road called the Men of Ma’an, it reaches the village of Sahar Al Asim and the regions of Jazan and Al-Darb. As for the east, it takes the Aqabar Shaar road to the city of Abha.

The general climate in Muhayil

Muhayil Asir Governorate is distinguished by its high temperature in the summer, usually between 35-45 ° C, while it drops in the winter to approximately 18-28 ° C to have a wonderful moderate climate throughout the winter season. The average rainfall in this season is close to 30 mm While the humidity rate reaches 18%.

A number of sub-centers follow Muhayil Governorate, among which we mention: Al-Rish Center, Al-Qana Center, Saida Al-Sawalha Center, Hamid Al-Alaya Center, Al-Thil Center, Tuhama Center for Evening and Red, and Bahr Abu Sukaina Center or what is known as the Khamis Al-Bahr Center.

The most important tourist areas in the province

Mahayil Governorate includes a group of tourist places that attract local visitors and expatriates throughout the year, including:

  • Al-Faisaliah Park: This park is characterized by its charming view of the commercial district in the center of the city of Mahayil, as it was established on a high mountain named Mansab, west of the city center, to make the place a special aesthetic.
  • Al-Hailah Park: It is characterized by great privacy, as it opens its doors for families to spend the best times away from the hustle and bustle of the markets.
  • Saturday Market: It is a popular weekly market in the Tihama area, which is a major attraction for commercial tourism and an advantage for this city.
  • Al-Ghalila Well: It is the first water source in the region, providing all the residents of Tuhama with clear water and it is located on the southern side.
  • Jabal Al-Maqisra: It is a family park with distinction located in the center of the city of Mahayil, and it is possible to see all parts of the city from all its sides, and is characterized by its beauty, splendor, scenery and good planning.


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