Where is the city of Meknes?

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The city of Meknes and its geographical location

Meknes is known as one of the major cities of great importance in the Kingdom of Morocco, and it was built by Moulay Ismail as the capital of his kingdom. This city is located in the northern side of the Kingdom of Morocco, where it is estimated at a distance of one hundred and forty kilometers to the east, and the capital is considered to be the direction of (Meknes / Tafilalet), which Meknes joins, and is considered part of several provinces such as the Hajeb region, and the region Evran, the province of Jennifer, and the province of Errachidia. This city extends over an area of ​​more than seventy-nine thousand square kilometers to equal approximately 11% of what is known as Moroccan soil, and the population of more than one million people, and we find it with a diversity in its climate and that diversity includes its terrain, Therefore, we find that an estimated 73% of The population of Morocco settled in. The city of Meknes is divided into two parts, where we find the old city in addition to the new city, because it is located in a region where trade routes converge and connect several destinations with each other, and given that it is a region for crossing convoys, which made this a city that has known stability since The old, and therefore occupied a great importance and prestige among the various rulers who successively rule.

The most important effects of Meknes

The city of Meknes is famous for its great archaeological sites that amaze everyone who visited it, and it remains stuck in the mind forever. The ancient walls, in which we also find a famous mausoleum is the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, and there are several wonderful mosques in construction and design, such as the Birima Mosque, the Sidi Othman Mosque, in addition to the University Palace, which is a museum in itself that embodies Moroccan art.

The important areas in Meknes

There are many tourist places in Meknes and the most important of them are:

  • Sidi Bouzakri: This region is a residential area par excellence, and densely populated with residents, and is considered the economic pillar of the country due to the existence of the industrial zone in it.
  • Hamriyah: It is a developed area in the city of Meknes, and it is considered a purely commercial area.
  • CordsIt is an amazing garden, built by Mawla Ismail.
  • old City: It is an area located within the wall of the ancient city of Meknes, and this area was built by Sultan Moulay Ismail, and Al-Rawamazin Street is considered one of the most famous and important landmarks in Al-Rawashin Street.
  • Zaytuna Mosque: This mosque is considered the oldest among the mosques of the city of Meknes, as well as the Kingdom of Morocco as a whole, and is still to this day based on its originality, due to the state’s interest in it and its restoration in succession.
  • Al-Boananyah SchoolThis school has worked on graduating religious scholars, readers, and also preachers of the Islamic religion.
  • Demolition yard.
  • the old market.
  • Sultan Ismail Al-Alawi Palace.


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