Where is the city of Muscat located?

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Sultanate of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman has enjoyed an important historical and commercial position since ancient times, due to its geographical location and the political and economic stability it enjoys.
The Sultanate of Oman was a link between merchants in different regions and commercial caravans, as it was a stop for the merchants of Mesopotamia and Umm Al Nar, and it is known that the Sultanate of Oman is the seat of the Ibadhi school of thought.

The Sultanate occupies a geographical location, as it is bordered on the western side by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while it is bordered on the northwestern region by the United Arab Emirates, and overlooks the Arabian Sea from the south coast, and from the northeastern side on the Sea of ​​Oman, knowing that its area does not exceed 309,500 square kilometers And its capital is the city of Muscat, which is the center of the state.


The Governorate of Al-Maskat located in the center of the Sultanate of Oman is called “Muscat Al-Amirah”, and was called in the past “Masked”, which is the prize for the cleanest city. It is the capital and headquarters of the Sultanate, and it is also the central region for it in the political, economic and administrative fields. , Located on the Gulf of Oman in the area between the Gulf of Oman and the eastern Hajar Mountains.
The population in Muscat Governorate is more crowded than any other Omani governorate, thanks to its commercial and economic role and activity, which has made it the focus of attention of many residents to turn to for their livelihood and work in it.

History of Muscat

The presence of the Governorate of Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, dates back more than 900 years, and it had a distinguished position at the beginning of the Islamic era, as it was a commercial station and one of the most important commercial centers due to its distinctive strategic location.
Mixes of mixes of civilization and history in Muscat, the visitor is astonished by what he sees from the old houses and markets that carry in their presence the most wonderful stories of history and smell of the originality smell filled with a history full of glories, and as you see in its neighborhoods modern white houses and wide streets indicating modern urban planning, which made them It combines history and present at the same time.

Most notable was Muscat

  • The walls of Muscat: The city of Muscat contains many historical monuments, including its walls, which include three main entrances and are located in three locations:
    • Bab Al-Malaib, located in the western corner, below Al-Mirani Castle.
    • The Great Gate: It is the door leading to the outskirts of Muscat and the city of Muttrah, located at the end of the western side of the walls.
    • The Little Gate: It is the third door of the walls of Muscat, and it is considered as a main entrance to the outskirts and roads of Muscat, and it is located in the middle of the southern side.

It also includes among its walls five ancient relics, which are the island of Sayyid Nar, the island of Sayyid Abbas bin Faisal, the village of Al-Jissah, Al-Khiran, and Al-Sifa. These places are among the most important tourist sites with a coastal location where they are distinguished by the blueness, serenity of their waters and their picturesque nature.

  • Al-Khiran Beach: The Creator, the Almighty Creator, created his creation. When you see the Al-Khiran Beach, you emanate in great psychological comfort, and you feel the greatness of the Creator and the Creator of His Creation. For your enjoyment of the beach in Al Seifah village, it is a beach of magnificent beauty and tranquility, as it has become a tourist destination for many citizens and residents of summer holidays.
  • Cyclone Gonu: In the year 2007, the Omani capital, Muscat, was hit by a natural disaster, as Cyclone Gonu and Hurricane Fate struck, as hurricanes inflicted many material losses, in addition to losses of human lives that reached 20 people. This hurricane, according to meteorology, is the strongest since 60 years, hit beaches on the Arabian Sea.

Muscat International Airport
Muscat International Airport, which is a civil and military airport, is located in the Omani state of Seeb, and is the largest airport in size and size, followed by Salalah Airport in terms of importance, area and size, and the airport is about 30 km from the governorate.


Information about the city and the countryside

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