Where is the city of Najran located?

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The city of Najran is located in Najran, which is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is located at latitude 17.49, and the longitude 44.13, and the city of Najran rises about 1310 meters above sea level, and the region adopts the AST time zone system,
It is located in the desert along the Yemeni border, bordered to the north by Riyadh, the east to the east, and Asir to the west, and the region consists of the Asur plateau from the west, the Najran plateau in the middle, and the Rub al-Khali desert in the east.

About Najran

Najran can be considered one of the most developed cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the administrative center of the region, and there are many orchards that include vast farms, as it is an important tourist center in Saudi Arabia, and these landmarks are located between a group of beautiful landscapes, and the Nahuka Valley and Ron mountains are considered It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations for tourists in the city.

Najran’s economy is based on agriculture, so tourists can find several public parks and beautiful gardens in the region, and the most famous fruits in the region are peaches, grapes, lemons, apricots, and oranges, and the high dam in Najran has turned into an attractive tourist attraction in the city, and includes a sightseeing package The famous city of Najran is the heritage city of Al-Okhdood. The city abounds with many historical artifacts and sculptures, which added to the charm of the city doubly, as tourists prefer to visit Najran to get to know the authentic Arab culture and traditions that are still preserved in the city. Saudi culture and traditions are reflected through pain. Festivals that are celebrated in the city and some popular cultural programs.


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