Where is the city of Nimrod located?

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The city of Nimrod

The city of Nimrod is located in the State of Iraq, specifically to the south of the Iraqi city of Mosul, about thirty kilometers away from it. The city of Nimrod has many other names, such as Kaleh, and Kalho. As for the name Nimrod, it is most likely a modern name that was derived from the echo character known as the Nimrod. The year one thousand seven hundred and sixty-six AD. As for the name Kalho, it was mentioned in the Assyrian texts, while the name Kalh was mentioned in the Tanakh.

History of the city

The city of Nimrud was established in the thirteenth century before the birth of Jesus Christ, and later on it became the capital of the Assyrian Empire, during the reign of the Assyrian king Assyria Nasserpal II. In the year six hundred and twelve BC, the city was destroyed by both the Medes and the Chaldeans, and the city was today destroyed by political events that occurred in Iraq recently, and the city’s effects were exposed to geological factors such as erosion resulting from desertification in the region.

City effects

The first excavations were carried out in the city in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-six AD, and these operations were carried out under the administration of the British Sir Austin Henry Layard, and the archaeological excavations led to the unveiling of a huge archaeological palace, in addition to fortifications, and many sculptures such as alabaster were also revealed , In addition to many other effects.

In the year one thousand five hundred and fifty-five AD a cuneiform was discovered containing texts indicating loyalty covenants in the temple known as the Nebo Temple, and these excavations were also managed by a British archaeologist, Sir Max Edgar Mallwan.

Nimrod ivory

Nimrod ivory exceeds about six thousand pieces of carved ivory. These pieces date back to between the ninth and seventh centuries B.C. These ivories were found through several British excavation campaigns that took place in the region, and many ivories were taken and transported to Britain , To be eventually deposited in the British Museum there. This ivory was discovered in the excavations that took place in the palace of Chalmanser III, and the discovery of this palace dates back to the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-five AD. Several pieces of it have been lost or looted during the recent wars and battles that occurred in Iraq.


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