Where is the city of Nouakchott located?

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Mauritania, or what is known as the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is an Arab country located on the continent of Africa to the northwest overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and is bordered on the north by the states of Morocco and Algeria, while it is bordered by the state of Senegal, and to the east it is bordered by the state of Mali, a country that embraces Arab and African cultures , And various Berbers.

The official language in these countries is the Arabic language in addition to the French language as well, and the official religion of the country is the Sunni Islamic religion on the Ash’ari school of thought and Maliki jurisprudence, and there are no other religions in it, and the most important cities are the city of Nouakchott, the capital, in addition to the city of Chinguetti, Walat, and Combi Saleh, Al-Rasheed, and other Mauritanian cities. In this article, we will learn about the capital city, Nouakchott.

Nouakchott, the capital

Nouakchott, the capital city, the largest Mauritanian city in the state, with a population estimated at more than one million people, and was chosen to be the capital in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven AD, and it is one of the largest cities located in the Greater African Desert, and is also the economic, political, and administrative center of the state. And he founded this French city, “Charles de Gaulle”, which was the reason for converting Nouakchott village into a city and the capital of the country.

Location and geographical nature

The city of Nouakchott is located in the far west of the country, and it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The sabkha, and other provinces, and the lands of this city Sabkha, and high-salinity, and there are no mountains or sources of fresh water.


The country of Mauritania suffered in the last century in the seventies and eighties due to severe drought due to the lack of rain, which led to large mass migrations to the city of Nouakchott, and this helped to develop the city and increase its population growth very quickly, and there is the only airport in the country, as well as the only university that It was established in the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty one AD.

Among the most important tourist attractions in the city of Nouakchott is the coastal city of Rabat, the large market, and mosques, but it is worth mentioning that this city despite the large population and that it is the capital, but it suffers from severe poverty of the infrastructure, and the lack of a strong infrastructure in all areas, The city also suffers from the risk of drowning, because most of its neighborhoods lie below the level of the Atlantic Ocean, while the other half of the city suffers from the problem of moving sand, which prevents residential and urban development in it.


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