Where is the city of October 6

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Sixth of October City

The city of Sixth of October is one of the newly created Egyptian cities, in order to reduce the proportion of population that the Egyptian capital suffers from, and the main reason for naming the city by this name is celebrating the victory it achieved on the same date in the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-three, and the city is considered One of the most successful projects undertaken by the Ministry of Planning headed by Minister Hassaballah Al-Kafrawi.

The number of the city’s districts that are distinguished by its modern architectural organization is twelve neighborhoods, and each neighborhood is given a number of its own. Among the projects of neighborhoods such as Al-Bustan, Zamalek, Al-Sukaria, Al-Zuhur, 103, 109, Abu Al-Wafa, Al-Shabab, Al-Matour, Family, and National.

Its location

The city of Sixth of October is one of the cities affiliated to the governorate of the Egyptian island, and it is one of the urban areas of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, thirty-two kilometers from the center of the capital, and is located on the west bank of the Nile River, and the city coordinates are limited between 9.938126 ° to the north, and 30. 91398 ° to the east, and the total area of ​​the city is about four hundred square kilometers, and over half a million people live on it.

industrial city

The city of Sixth of October is known as the industrial city, and it is a concept in urban planning that refers to the smallest urban areas that exist independently of the major urban areas. This style of cities has a set of characteristics, namely:

  • It has the advantage of expanding in suburbs and cities.
  • It is partially independent in terms of administration and management.
  • The city is physically separated from the major cities through barriers such as geographical barriers such as large rivers and rural lands.

City facilities

  • Industrial establishments: It is one of the largest industrial areas in Egypt, and contains many industrial institutions such as the Bavarian Auto Group, the Egyptian German Motor Company, General Motors, and Vodafone Egypt.
  • Education facilities: The city contains many universities, institutes, and schools that are characterized by high teaching efficiency:
    • Universities: Al-Ahram Canadian University ACU, Misr University for Science and Technology MUST, Cairo University CU, October University for Modern Sciences and Arts MSA, Nile University NU, Zrill University of Science and Technology, and October 6 University O6U.
    • Institutes: Institutes of the Higher Institute of Applied Arts, the Higher Institute of Architecture, the Higher Institute of Engineering, the Higher Institute of Science and Technology, and the Higher Technological Institute.
    • Schools: The American International School, The British International School, and The International School of Choueifat.
  • Health centers: There are many health centers located in this city such as Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Al Safwa Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Central Hospital, Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital, Al Zuhur Hospital, Teaching Hospital of 6th of October University, and Education of Misr University for Science and Technology.
  • Hotels: It contains many hotels that offer distinguished services, the most famous of which are Yelton Pyramids Resort, Movenpick Hotel and Casino located in the media production area, Novotel Hotel, Sheraton Dreamland Hotel, and Swiss Pyramids Resort and Swiss Plaza.
  • shopping centers: The city contains a variety of shopping malls, most notable of which are the Cairo Gate, Cityscape Mall, Six Stars City October, Dandy Mega Mall, Mall of Arabia, Mall of Egypt, and Porto October Mall.

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