Where is the city of Oran?

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The city of Oran

Oran is one of the cities of the Algerian Republic, which is considered one of the most important and largest cities in Algeria, as it is one of the oldest and most important cities in ancient civilization, which is due to the name of the Berber origins, and some historians say that the city of Oran was named this name in relation to the Haran Valley, as some pointed out Historians say that the city of Oran was named after the name attributed to the lions that lived in the region, and the city of Oran was known in the ancient name as Evry, which means caves due to the presence of many caves in it. The city of Oran is divided into twelve districts from the urban areas. They are Muhyiddin neighborhood, the Ottoman neighborhood, Baramama district, Al-Muntazah neighborhood, Al-Amir neighborhood, Al-Badour neighborhood, Al-Siddiqiya neighborhood, Al-Muqri neighborhood, Al-Hamri neighborhood, Sidi Al-Hawari neighborhood, Al-Saada neighborhood.

The city of Oran

A city is located in the northwest of Algeria, overlooking the Gulf of Oran in the western Mediterranean, bordered on the north by an open bay and on the western side by Mount Marjajou, and the Moulay Abd al-Qadir al-Kilani plateau. The city’s gathering is located on the banks of Wadi Al-Rahi Creek, now called Wadi Al-Ain Valley.

The civilization of the city of Oran

There are many civilizations and cultures that successively dominated the city of Oran, as evidenced by the remaining monuments and monuments to the present time such as the Acumol quarry, the Cartel Caucht caves lime, and the various artifacts that enter the bone and coal in their manufacture that were found in the caves of Marjajou, the residence of the city of Oran, the Iberomoids, the Qadis, and the Phoenicians. And the Romans, Vandals, Byzantines and Muslims. The city of Oran was one of the important cities that the Umayyad and Fatimids were disputing. After that, the Mossadid imposed their control over the city of Oran. During the period of the Mossadidid rule, prosperity and development prevailed due to the development of the sea port.

Advantages of the city of Oran

Buildings and architecture in the city of Oran are distinguished by the mixture between Spanish design, Turkish design, and French design, and because of the succession of different religions over the city of Oran, there are many buildings that represent those religions such as the Mohamed El Pasha Mosque, the Bey Mosque, the Santa Cruz Church and the Oran Cathedral, And the Great Oran Jewish Church, in addition to the many shrines and cemeteries that include the remains of the righteous saints such as the Qadi Qadi Bu al-Jabal, the cemetery of Sidi Filali, the Ful Doha cemetery and other cemeteries.

Residents of the city of Oran

Many of the most important writers and thinkers lived in and lived in the city of Oran, such as Lyon the African, the Idrisi, Ibn Khaldoun and Ibn Khamis, and many writers and dramatists made Oran part of their writings such as Clovis Dardentour’s novel by Jules Verne, the plague novel by writer Berkamo and Don Quixote’s novel by Miguel de Cervantes.

The economy of the city of Oran

The plastic and petrochemical industries are the basic industries that represent a large part of the economy of the city of Oran due to the presence of oil and gas in the region, in addition to the paper and food and paper industries, and the tourism sector in the city of Oran is an integral part of the region’s economy as a diverse historical and cultural area.


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