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The city of children Taima

The city of Awlad Tayima is known as the city that was established in the Souss plain by an Arab tribe, and this is what made some researchers confused about their reasons for its emergence in the Berber region. This city lives to this day amid simplicity, whether it is in the clothes of its people or even its modest buildings.

The city of the children of Taima

The city of Awlad Tayima is located in the Moroccan state in the direction of the city of Souss-Massa-Draa, where the Taroudant region is, and away from the city of Agadir forty-four kilometers, and from the city of Taroudant, it is forty kilometers, and rises above the sea level by one hundred and thirty meters, and the most important rivers that pass in This city is the Wadi Sous river, and it is considered one of the most important sources of irrigation there.

The population of this city is more than eighty-nine thousand people; most of the city’s population is engaged in agriculture, especially citrus fruits, in addition to building materials, and the Jadou region of the city of Awlad Tayma is considered one of the most important regions that export citrus in the Moroccan state.


Several names and titles were given to this city, until it became known as the city of the three names, where it was known as the city of forty-four, and this name returns to the distance of a kilometer from the city of Agadir, and was also known as the city of Hawara, and this name returns to the name of the tribe in which it lives, but that The official name for it is the children of Tema, also called one of the cities of the useless West, and this nickname came as a peasant city, in which life such as Taroudant and Agadir, which were adjacent to it, did not develop.

City mosques

There are many mosques in this city, such as the Peace Mosque, as well as the Fawzi Mosque, and there is the Rahma Mosque, as well as the Al-Ratim Mosque, in addition to the Bin Saeed Mosque and the Abu Bakr Al-Saddik Mosque, but the Grand Mosque is the oldest among them, which was established by the late King Mohammed V of Morocco And that is the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six AD, in front of the city’s municipal market.

The neighborhoods of Tayima’s children

There are abundant children in the city of Taima, close to each other, and there are fourteen neighborhoods, the most important of which is Tizky neighborhood, and also the neighborhood of Al-Huraisha, and there is the district of Al-Ratim, the neighborhood of Khurais, and also the neighborhood of Darb al-Hamam, and there is also the neighborhood of Akshouz, and the district of Al-Shaliwat, in addition to the neighborhood of Al-Shunayyat. Al-Kursi is the largest city in the city and is located in the southern part of the city.

The most famous flags of the city

A number of flags emerged from the city of Awaim boys, who were known for their brilliant thought, and contributed to the country’s cultural and epistemological renaissance, including the scholar Abdul Jalil Al-Kour and Badr Hari, in addition to Jamal Mohammadi.

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