Where is the city of Qarmash located?

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The city of Qarmash

Qarmash is called the bride of the German countryside and also the bride of the south, and it is considered a village more than a city, and it is considered a tourist village with distinction due to its unique snowy nature that covers it during the winter season. With interest the world’s wealthy.

Its location

The city of Qarmash is located in the heart of the European continent, specifically in the German state, where it is located in the southern border region of the State of Austria, and it sits in the famous Alps. The countryside of Qarmash is considered one of the most beautiful European countryside, as this city has its own magic, for its richness in rivers and also waterfalls, not to mention the high mountain peaks covered by snow all year round, to be the most visited European summits by tourists, especially lovers of winter sports, especially sport Skiing.

There is a good number of cable cars in Qarmash, which number to ten, which are huge in size and which can transport large numbers in one go, whereby you can reach the highest mountain peaks in Qarmash, and enjoy seeing the area from the top.

Population and business

The population of Qarmash is estimated at twenty thousand people, and most of the residents of this region practice the tourist work, which makes this region properly served, so that it is a destination for more than two hundred thousand tourists for Qarmash every year, except that we find some other occupations in which the people of Qarmash work, such as working in The educational corps and also the medical work if they are doctors or nurses, not to mention the work in the electronic field, as well as sports equipment, in addition to the auto trade.

General income in Qarmash

Karmash depends on its income on the tourism sector, as tourists intend it for recreation with its splendor and wonderful weather, in addition to its look that steals the kernels, and its tourists enjoy rich and abundant wealth as it occupies the first rank in the tourist places; where the tourist needs huge expenses, given the large number of popular markets that Karmash abounds in it, in addition to entertainment cafes, and many competitions and festivals that are held on the land of this village.

The most important restaurants in this village that must be visited by tourists, is the legendary Taj Mahal Restaurant, and there is also the famous Donna Kebab restaurant; it is one of the famous Turkish restaurants chain in the world. As for the hotels that are famous in Qarmash, we find the ATLAS GRANDS hotel, which is considered one of the most luxurious hotels in the region, as it comes on three buildings, and it includes a very large spa, in addition to a restaurant with a wide reputation serving Bavarian food, and its rooms have views of the peaks. Alpine mountain.



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