Where is the city of Sabah Al-Ahmad located?

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The city of Sabah Al-Ahmad

Some Kuwaiti cities and governorates derive their names from the names of elders who successively governed the country. Among these governorates is Al-Ahmadi Governorate, whose name was inspired by the name of its founder in 1946, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, as well as the city of Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, and Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate in relation to Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah Al-Hakim The seventh for Kuwait.
The city of Sabah Al-Ahmad bore its name after the fifteenth Emir of the State of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and its area is about three thousand five hundred hectares, and it includes ten thousand four hundred and ninety housing units, and the city is divided into six suburbs, and was formerly called “Arifjan”, It was then a desert barren land before its prosperity.

Its location

The city of Sabah Al-Ahmad is located within the boundaries of Al-Ahmadi Governorate, about sixty five kilometers from the Kuwaiti capital, and thirty kilometers from Al-Khiran, and the Al-Wafra Bridge separates them from Umm Al-Hayman (suburb of Ali Sabah Al-Salem) and the distance between them is estimated at about twenty-five kilometers, and embraces An investment, industrial, information, entertainment and sports area and other resorts and hotels.

Education in it

Sabah Al-Ahmad City is famous for its educational activity, as it includes seventy-eight schools in its various stages, kindergarten, in addition to the General Authority for Applied Education and Training, Kuwait University, and a number of private institutes and colleges.


The Kuwaiti government took great care in giving the health aspect of the city its provision of health services, establishing a general hospital, medical clinics, a specialized health center, and a number of specialized investment hospitals.

Religious side

The Kuwaiti government provided the city with religious services, including the establishment of a religious center, mosques, libraries, a family development center, and the opening of a house for the Holy Quran.

the culture

Culture and arts received great attention in the city of Sabah Al-Ahmad. Theaters, cultural centers and book fairs were held, a musical center, and a cultural building for heritage and folk crafts was established, in addition to the opening of museums for heritage collections. The city also gave art and drawing attention to holding ceremonies and exhibitions of plastic art and Arabic calligraphy.

Its services

In the city of Sabah Al-Ahmad, services provided by the government, such as commercial services, the establishment of the Kuwaiti bakery company, the distribution of fuel stations, markets, commercial and administrative complexes, and the spread of a number of wedding halls and restaurants, as it includes two fire stations, a branch of the stock exchange, and a main post office.

Sabah al-Ahmad Marine City

The Kuwaiti private sector launched the idea of ​​the first and largest project at its expense, so it established the marine city of Sabah Al-Ahmad in relation to the Emir of the country, so it was established in the south of the country in the Khiran region, which is about thirty kilometers from the city of Sabah Al-Ahmad, and this city competes in its civilization, the cities of the world. A city built with the latest construction methods.


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