Where is the city of Sale located?

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The city of Salé

The city of Salé is located in the Kingdom of Morocco, where it is considered the capital of labor called by the same name, and it is located on the bank of the northern Abi Raqraq River, near the estuary on the Atlantic Ocean.

The city of Salé is surrounded by several important areas, including the city of Rabat on its southern side, the Khamisat region on its eastern side, and the Quneitra region on its northern side. As for the western side, the city overlooks the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to historians, the prosperity of the city of Sala dates back to the reign of the Almohads in the eleventh century AD, as it was during that era in the glory of its strength and prosperity, as several important achievements were held in it, including the Great Mosque.

The city of Salé also went through another period when it was at the height of its power, the period of the Marinids. The Moroccan city of Sala gained great importance during Islamic history, as this importance was derived from its geographical location as it was a point of contact between a number of Islamic capitals and cities at the time, as well as an important commercial center because of its containment of a sea port.

Area and population

The area of ​​the city is approximately ninety-five square kilometers, and its population is estimated at about nine hundred thousand people, according to the figures for the year two thousand and seven AD. The city is called many titles, including: the city of candles, the city of pirates, the city of holy men, and the city of seven doors.

The city of Salé includes a number of important neighborhoods, including: Al-Mallah neighborhood, which is a Jewish neighborhood from which the Jews took place before Granada fell to Andalusia, and the neighborhood of Al-Qassatla, in which several families whose origins are traced back to Andalusia, along with a number of other neighborhoods such as Al-Raml, Batana, Saeed Hajji, Al-Rabailiya, Isma’o, Al-Salam, Sidi Moussa, Moulay Ismail, Al-Amal, Karima, Al-Anbath, Tabaraket, Medina, and many other important neighborhoods.


The city of Salé also has a number of historical gates, such as: the door to Marissa, Ceuta, Shuafah, Bouhadja, Jadid, Mulaqa, Khamis, and others. It also includes a number of towers such as the Tower of Tears, Bab Ceuta, the Rocky, Al-Mallah, and the Octagonal Tower.

The city of Salé has become an important and popular tourist destination due to these important landmarks, and many other historical monuments, as this city can attract large numbers of tourists from all regions of the world, which has greatly increased its tourist importance by the presence of distinctive tourist facilities that can serve these numbers of Tourists and visitors.

The most famous industries

There are several traditional industries in the city of Salé, including tanning, pottery, the manufacture of mats, and art of ceramics, which is common in the architectural style of this city.


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