Where is the city of Santiago located?

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Santiago is one of the largest Chilean cities in addition to being its capital, and it is located in the middle of Chile between the Andes Mountains, and its east is 144 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, and its area reaches 641.4 square kilometers, and its population reached 4.9 million people in 2012, and the city of Santiago is characterized as It is located in the middle of a large valley that consists of a large plain and forms mountains around it called the “Santiago Basin” which is part of the “Central Chile Valley”.


The city of Santiago is the industrial capital of Chile in addition to being the capital of financial and economic activity in the country, and its contribution to the gross domestic product reaches 45% ٬ and many tower projects are currently being implemented in that city, and it also includes many agencies at the international level The city is the most industrial and commercial enterprise.

the climate

The city of Santiago is famous for its wonderful climate, which is a source of attraction for tourists. This is due to the wonderful mix between the beauty of nature and the beauty of construction and its accuracy in that city. It is characterized by its heavy rains in addition to snowfall on the mountain tops, and its climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean basin regions.


Santiago is very important to the global tourism map, as it attracts a large number of tourists every year, and the beauty of that city is due to the beautiful balance between the attractive climate, buildings, and museums in that city, as the city combines the legacy of ancient archaeological buildings with modern towers and buildings And contemporary, and in the city heritage neighborhoods take the visitor to ancient times, as it is not without the touches of modernity and contemporary and neighborhoods that were built in a modern and luxurious style, and if you visit Santiago one day here are some tourist places that must K of her visit:

  • Snowy mountain slopes sixty kilometers to the south, where you can enjoy snow sports.
  • Beaches of the Pacific Ocean, which is only a few kilometers northwest of Chile.
  • Forrestal Park neighborhood, which was established to match the most prominent European parks in its most beautiful cities.
  • Santa Lucia Hill.
  • Bella Vista: It is characterized by the presence of a large number of cafes and restaurants.
  • Chazkonaev’s house, in the Belavista neighborhood, was designed by Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda.
  • Mercado Market, designed in English style in the mid-nineteenth century.

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