Where is the city of Sfax located?

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The coastal city of Sfax occupies the second place in terms of area and population at the level of Tunisia. Therefore, the south of Tunis takes Sfax as its capital, although its location is not in the south of the country but in the middle. The Tunisian city of Sfax overlooks the Gulf of Gabes.

Geographical location

The city of Sfax is located in the southeast of the country, and separates it from the capital Tunis, a distance of two hundred and seventy kilometers, and resides on its territory more than nine hundred and fifty-five thousand four hundred and twenty one people, and its geographical location; it is located to the east of the longitude 10.51, and north to Latitude 34.42.

Urban planning

The city of Sfax is completely different from the rest of the cities, due to its excellence in radial and semi-circular planning that can be seen through its construction. The city includes six delegations, namely: Sfax the city, Western Sfax, South Sfax, the Water Wheel, the Cycle Water, and Tina.


The city of Sfax takes a special kind of economic importance due to the varied and diversified economic activities that move between agricultural and industrial and commercial and services activities, and therefore it bore the title of the economic capital. Sfax is famous for the proliferation of the fishing profession, which is one of the oldest professions that the people of the city have practiced.

Trade also had an important role in influencing the economy of Tunisia and Sfax in particular at the international and domestic levels. Through exporting through the commercial port, it had a great impact and importance. The proportion of exports from Sfax constitutes a quarter of Tunisian exports in general.


The extractive and manufacturing industries of the oil and natural gas fields have received great attention in Sfax, in addition to the refining of phosphates, and the food industry has also received attention.

the culture

Alesco (the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science) announced the Tunisian city of Sfax as the capital of Arab culture for the year 2016 AD, due to its cultural activity, and many cultural festivals are held on its land and theaters annually, including:

  • Sidi Mansour Festival: This festival has been held for fifty-one years, as it is considered the oldest among the Tunisian festivals, and its ceremonies will be held in the vicinity of the Sidi Mansour Ghulam Shrine.
  • Sfax International Festival.
  • Tile Festival.
  • Shihia Festival.
  • Madima Festival.
  • The Higher Institute of Music in Sfax holds an annual Intelligence Festival for Music.
  • Nahavand Association organizes the International Forum of World Music.
  • The city of Sfax celebrates annually its own festivals related to national cultural demonstrations: the month of heritage, and October of music.

Information about the city and the countryside

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