Where is the city of Sheba located?

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The location and history of the city of Sheba

The city of Sheba is located on the Yemeni lands, and one of the largest ancient Yemeni Arab kingdoms has been established in it, which dates back to the beginning of its foundation in the ninth century BC. This kingdom was called the Kingdom of Sheba in relation to the place in which it was established, and the basic composition of this was based on The kingdom has to unite a group of Yemeni kingdoms and tribes together to form one kingdom that is characterized by its great strength and continuous expansion, and the Saba tribe was the basic nucleus to form and build the kingdom, by joining many of the neighboring tribes to its control through persuasion or even by force, as they combined The hands of the kingdoms that existed then to the Kingdom of Sheba and the kingdoms of the Kingdom and the Kingdom of Hadramout and a certain tribe poles, which greatly helped to increase the richness of the Kingdom and its expansion to reach the Levant and Iraq regions.

The religion that was prevalent in Sheba

The Sabaeans worshiped idols and the most famous of their deities was the god of Maqah, the god of Atar, who were among the most famous and most revered deities by the kingdoms and the tribes that made up the Kingdom of Sheba all of them, just as each kingdom or tribe had a special god according to the religious beliefs of each of them, and the priests were able to control the matters of governance in the city of Sheba From the beginning of its founding, at least seventeen priests ruled it continuously, and the people of the Kingdom of Sheba were distinguished by a great degree of religiosity, obedience to the gods, and a great attachment to magic and sorcery. Conviction that the health of his prophecy through the evidence and the evidence presented by her heavenly religion has published all over the Kingdom of Sheba.

The beginning of the establishment of the Kingdom of Sheba

The priest Karbel Watar who ruled the city of Sheba in the seventh century BC granted himself the title of King to announce the transformation of the city of Sheba into a kingdom, and led many huge armies with the aim of fighting the tribes and neighboring kingdoms and annexing them to the Kingdom of Sheba, as the kingdom witnessed prosperity and development during his reign where he cared for a form It is great to collect rain water by digging wells or building dams, especially in mountainous areas with the aim of irrigating the crops there, as he unified the different tribes and kingdoms despite their ethnic and linguistic differences, and ruled the kingdom without bias or racism for a particular tribe or kingdom, making the city of Ma’rib the capital The For single Memklh.


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