Where is the city of Shiraz?

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Shiraz city website

Shiraz is one of the cities in the west of the Asian continent, and the city is located in the southern side of the Iranian country, and is located in the western part of the city of Fars, nine hundred and nineteen kilometers from the southern side of the Iranian capital, Tehran, specifically on the Zagros mountain range, such as Mount Drake, Babakoyhe, Ignorance, spazboshan, which has a height of one thousand five hundred meters above sea level, and its coordinates are limited between 37 ° 37 to the north, and 32 to 52 ° to the east, and its total area reaches three hundred and forty square kilometers.

Shiraz economy

The city is considered the most important economic point in the southern part of the country, and it contains many huge commercial complexes such as the Gulf of Persia complex, which is located on the opposite side of two sessions, the World Trade Center located in Dasht Palace, and the Starh complex located in Afifabad Street. It depends mainly on the agricultural sector for its economy, as it brings them fantastic profits, because of the abundance of water in the region, and it has fertile soil, and many crops are planted such as poppy, tobacco, cotton, grapes, and many varieties of citrus and rice, and also depends on the manufacture of cement, Sugar, fertilizers, fabric, wood, and carpets have an oil well on its soil that is considered the most important well in the country.

Miscellaneous information

Here is some information about the city of Shiraz:

  • the climate: The moderate climate is considered to be the predominant city, and the average annual temperature is eighteen degrees Celsius, and the average annual rainfall is about twenty four cubic millimeters.
  • neighborhoods: The region consists of seventeen residential neighborhoods, namely: Abiurdy, Farhang Shahr, Ghassrodasht, Koya Zahraa, Mulla Sadra, Shah Jaragh, Shahrak Jalastan, Shahrak Sadr, Tajara, Zorhi, Arch Arch or Army Square, Bagh Nari, and Bodnak.
  • Education: The city contains many important scientific edifice centers in the country in general, such as the Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, which was founded in the year one thousand five hundred and fifty, the Shiraz Technical University which was founded in two and four thousand, the College of Electronic Manufacture, the Shahid Bahner Shiraz University of Technical and Professionalism, and the Muzhsh Shiraz University of Hafiz .
  • Transportation: It contains one of the most important airports in the country known as the Shiraz International Airport, and contains a metro system that consists of three lines; the first starts from Galsarakh Square and ends at Ihsan Square, Mirza Kojak Khan, and the second meets the first line at Imam Hussain Square, and the other It provides a service for travelers by passing through the K train station.


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